Curtis Axel defeated Dolph Ziggler in 14:58. 
Reaction: Good match. Ziggler made Axel look great with the bumping and selling he did for the man, but there's still something off about Axel. He's still doing the crazed smile expression he tried form his NXT days with his failed attempt to reboot "ruthless aggression," and it makes him look absolutely cartoonish. Ryback got more heat from one strike than Axel managed to acquire during the entire match. 

Kofi Kingston Def Fandango 
Reaction: Interesting match. Almost all of the offense was Kingston's, and it really came off as a showcase of what Kingston can do. Had this taken place on one of the major shows, it may be indicative of a push for Kingston, but for Main Event it was more than likely a match for the live crowd to get into. 

Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel in 3:24.
Reaction: It's an unfortunate thing to say, but Sandow has lost a lot of his luster since gaining the Money in the Bank contract. WWE has jobbed him out far too much, and a throwaway three minute match on main Event isn't enough to undo that. One can hope that WWE will turn things around before they have him cash in his briefcase, but with how WWE handled Ziggler's run with the briefcase last year, I'm not holding my breath. 

Overall: this was a solid edition of Main Event. We got good action from all three matches, even if the main event was a hair over a squash. Thanks for following along with me tonight. 

Credit: Ryan Kester's

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