Randy Orton & Sheamus Def The Big Show

AR’s Truth: A fun match with a bit of a change to the normal routine of Raw. Still I think everyone knew the outcome of the match but was waiting on Orton heel turn. Fun but decent match 2.5-5.

3MB comes out to call out The Shield but when they wait on them to come out Brock Lesnar comes out & Destroys them. Lays out Drew with a F5. He F5 Health Slater on the Barricade Twice. Heyman grabs a microphone. Paul Heyman starts talking & says that Lesnar wants a fight with HHH. Heyman said that he respect HHH because HHH beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. Heyman says they challenge HHH to a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules PPV.  

U.S Title Match: Kofi Kingston Def Antonio Cesaro ©

AR’s Truth: A Good match that saw a title change that came out of nowhere. Kofi been losing on TV a lot & the title change for him to be champion felt forced. Either way Cesaro ain’t the champion which felt like he needed a fresh air away from the title. Good match 3.5-5

Dolp Ziggler comes out & does a promo about how good he is. Which he is then Alberto Del Rio comes out & says he wants his rematch right now. Vickie Gurerro comes out & says this match is happening right now. They get ready but Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger comes out saying the only reason Dolp is champion because Swagger Beat him down. ADR Lays out Swagger but Swagger ends up attacking the bad leg of ADR. 

AR’s Truth: A good promo by Ziggler & establishing himself but im so over ADR being in the title picture right now. That’s just me though & Swagger coming out there makes me feel like they will have a Triple Threat At Extreme rules. Time will tell.

Team Hell No Def The Primetime Players

AR’s truth: It was what it was & Nothing more to add to it. A warm up match for Team hell no but how many times have we seen this match?

Ryback does a promo in the back to address why he turned his back on John Cena last week. He says Wrestlemania 29 was the worst night of his life. He said there is a lot of question but ryback says he didn’t have a choice because he was at the bottom of the ladder to the top. He list things that Cena did for him. He said that cena said he had his back but in the 6 times the Shield attacked him cena was nowhere to help him. Every time Cena was attacked he was there for him. HE says Ryback Rules!!

AR’s truth: an actual good promo by ryback & explains everything that has led up to him turning on cena. Everything was good until he said Ryback Rules? Was that Necessary 

R Truth Def Wade Barrett

AR Truth: Not a necessary win for Truth & A champion who just won it should go over. The crowd didn’t care & Neither did i. Ok match 2-5.

Team Road Scholars Def Great Khali & Santino Marella

AR Truth: it was what it was but At least the right people got the win. Team road scholars are awesome but give them mic time. There good there. Comedy but watchable 1.5-5.

Fandango comes out & Jerry Lawler interviews him about the impact of his music. Fandango says can he move his hips then Lawler leaves. Fandango says who wants Fandangoing with him. Im assuming Dancing, He then tries to teach the crowd how to say his name.

AR’s Truth: Of Course everyone & myself can agree this segment fail flat. I see A Secondary title run is in the near future for him. Not sure if they want him as a heel or face right now. It seems like a heel if there having him feuding with Jericho. 

Jack Swagger Def Dolp Ziggler

AR’s Truth: A very entertaining match but why would you have your recently crowned world champion lose the next week after the title win. Setting up swagger in the World title match i really do like but Im not interested in ADR being in the title picture. Let him feud & have ziggler in a fresh feud with his title run. 4-5* Match

CM Punk comes out & says there is no more challenges left. He doesn’t know where to go from here then He walks out.

AR’s Truth: A very good segment with them leaving the viewer guessing about whats next for Punk. Its a sham that he is leaving WWE Tv for the fans but when he comes back Refreshed creatively & recharge he will have a impact. 

Nikki Bella Def Kaitlyn

AR’s Truth: A typically Diva match that no one cared about & the finish made sense. It was how the Bella Twins actual get heat. No complains about seeing them on TV. 1.5-5

John Cena & ryback are in the ring. Cena tells him that if he is going to lay him out then do it when cena is ready. Ryback leaves but The Shield comes out & beat down cena. Ryback just watches. Shield nails the triple powerbomb on cena as ryback watches then eventually leaves to end the show. 

AR’s Truth: A Decent promo by cena that had a weird to feel to it. This hole feud feels like it doesn’t fit or shouldn’t be told. Cena had to save ryback in this segment by talking the hole time & no one cared including me about what he had to say. Ryback can talk so take the chance of ryback talking live in front of a crowd. 

Overall Show Rating: A very hot first hour that seemed like it was going to be a great show but the three hour thing just made it drag. The second hour just felt like a filler with good matches. This aside from the major story lines felt like a smackdown edition of WWE Programming. A 6.5 out 10 rating.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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