John Cena comes out & Talks all political way about how the house is divided. He talks about how much he doesn’t like the rock & how they were childish at last year’s WrestleMania. This year it’s time to get down to business. He says that the rock has come back & conquered everything.  He says the rock is the greatest WWE Champion of all time. He says the great one will fall to Cena. He said the WWE universe will get a moment they thought they never seen with Cena Defeating the Rock. He says he won’t replace the new title because he wants to be a symbol as the crowd chants Boring. He says he is better than the rock. 

AR’s Truth: A promo that looked like it was going to be strong but in the middle it fizzled out too soon. The chants of boring was funny & I hope Cena turns heel. Yes I know it won’t happen but a man can dream.

Randy Orton, Big Show & Sheamus Vs. 3MB
Orton & Slater start things off with orton with a clothesline followed by a suplex. Sheamus now in off a shoulder block. Sheamus works the the corner then catches an elbow. Slater kicks him then Drew is in with punches but sheamus fights back withb a huge suplex. Drew covers up in the corner but an distraction from slater allows 3MB to get the advantage. Jinder hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Slater back in with some double team. The faces gets the crowd In as sheamus fights back with a back breaker. Sheamus gets big show in & he clothesline jinder. Show throws a big splash in the corner followed by a shoulder block. Orton hits Slater with RKO , Sheamus with progue kick on Drew then big show with KO punch on Jinder for the win. 

Winners: Randy Orton, Big Show & Sheamus

The Shield comes out after the match & Dean Ambrose says enjoy the win now but At wrestlemania they will give them a beating that left them thinking what went wrong. Rollins & Reigns said pretty much the same thing. 

AR’s Truth: honestly A fun match that you could lay out yourself but had all the elements in a tag match. Short & Sweet. 2.5-5* Match

Dolp Ziggler Vs. Daniel Bryan 
They tie up with some work of the arm by both guys. A shoulder bock by DB then a slam followed by a big throw in the corner. DB starts up with the kicks, He hits a big forearm then goes for the No lock but DZ gets to the ropes. Bryan locks in a weird leg lock. Dolp fights out with a neck breaker followed by a drop kick for a count of 2. Dolp strikes him a couple times then misses a spear in the corner. Bryan gets a rope submission. Langston & bryan faces off allowing Dolp to hit the famouser for a count of 2. Back from break with Ziggler in control. They trade sleeper holds but Ziggler falls back on him to get out. Bryan goes for the No lock but Ziggler gets out with a pin. They both go for a cross body & collide. Big E Lays out Kane then Bryan drop kicks Langston but cost bryan the match when Ziggler Rolls him up. 

Winner: Dolp Ziggler

After the match Langston lays out Bryan with his finisher. Kane comes back with punches then chokeslams but Langston gets out of it with his power & hits his finisher on Kane.

AR’s Truth: A good back & forth match that they needed for this time slot. The finish was good & made sense. I predicted Ziggler & Langston would win the titles but now im not sure. Champions getting there revenge makes more sense. Good Match 3-5* Match

Shawn Michaels Comes Out & Does a promo about HHH-Lesnar Match but just before he gets into it HHH comes out. They hug but down to Business, HHH says he knows what he is doing. Shawn Says when he was heartbroken when he had to retire but if HHH loses Lesnar doesn’t care. He says Wrestling is HHH Life & trying to talk him out of the match. Shawn says he better kick Lesnar’s Ass at mania. Shawn says he is gonna be in the corner of HHH to watch him do it. Lesnar comes out with Heyman & heyman says lesnar has two words for them. He says Lesnar is going to beat HHH at mania. He does some cheap shots at HHH with being COO & Stephanie McMahon. He says HHH Just committed Professional Suicide. 

AR’s Truth: A good back & forth promo by HHH & Shawn with it looking he was trying to talk him out of the match. They gave us a swerve which was cool. Heyman nailed it once again. Very good segment here.

The Miz is on commentary for this match.

Wade Barrett Vs. Zack Ryder
Wade beats down Ryder followed by a suplex for a count of 2. Ryder hits a clothesline then a baseball slide. Ryder gets on the top rope but is knocked down. Wade hits an elbow then a neck breaker with more elbows for count of 2. Wade with some knee’s then knocks Ryder out of the ring. Wade comes over to the miz as they trade some trash talk. Ryder hits a elbow then a knockdown. He hits an fore arm in the corner followed by broski Boot for a count of 2. Ryder gets thrown back in the corner but puts his knee’s up then thrown down. Wade hits the Bull Hammer for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett. 

AR’s Truth: Good to see them build a feud that should be on the PPV but instead on the Preshow. That makes no sense to me as I noted on twitter. You put Brodus Clay & Tensi but Not a title match? Good to see Ryder on here also. Decent 2-5* Match.

Mark Henry Vs. Santino Marrella
SM starts up his comedy Routine but then starts up with some kicks but that just pisses him off. Henry hits a shoulder block followed by WSS for the win.

Winner: Henry

After the match Ryback comes out but Henry says hold on & threatens Henry. He says they have a no contact clause before mania but besides nobody wants to put hands on each other (Weird?) Ryback uses Santino as a dart that he throws at Henry. “I didn’t touch you stupid” by ryback. 

AR’s Truth: A complete squash with a funny ending with Ryback saying he didn’t touch him stupid. Classic Line.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Zeb Colter
Come on Dutch, ADR messes with him as colter looks scared. Swagger attacks Ricardo. ADr drop Kicks him throw the ropes. Zeb hits him with the crutch for the DQ. Swagger attacks the right knee of ADR. They beat him down with both crutches.

Winner: ADR via DQ.

AR’s Truth: That was expected & gave them really good heat going into mania. These give them believe they can win to causal fans but to “smart” fans it makes us believe ADR gets his revenge.

The Rock comes out & says the connection between him & the fans is the only reason he is here. He teases about being the president of the U.S. He says this Sunday this isn’t about passing the torch. He says cena cannot beat the rock & break the connection of the people. 

AR’s truth: Same stuff with the rock. An decent build up but would have liked to seen more back & forth promos at each other. Other than that a good promo.

Chris Jericho Vs. Antonio Cesaro
They lock up but Then they get in pushing match. A trade of holds then Ac gets a head lock but CJ fights out not for long with a knockdown By AC. Chris fights back with chops then AC throws him In the corner. Out of nowhere Chris hits a drop kick followed by some chops. CJ hits a suplex followed by a botched Drop kick. A huge uppercut by AC which leads into a body submission but CJ fights out. Into the corner where Ac is thrown to the apron but a head butt leads him to the top rope but is knockdown. Fighting on the top rope, Chris hits a hurricanronna for a count of 2. In the middle of the match Fandango comes out to distracts Jericho & leads into the break. Back from break with AC in full control but Chris fights out of a headlock. AC hits a double stomp for a count of 2. AC hits a front suplex for a count of 2. CJ fights back with punches then misses a splash in the corner, He falls to the outside. AC throws him in the corner then back in the ring for a 2 count. AC locks in another head submission but CJ fights out of it. Chris gets suplexed out of nowhere for a count of 2. AC hits a running uppercut in the corner then gets kicked in the face. CJ shoulder blocks him twice then up to the top with Double Handle. CJ hits a bull dog followed by lion sal. He goes for the Walls but AC blocks it with a double wrench suplex for a count of 2. CJ goes to the top with a cross body for a count of 2. Chris Drop kicks Fandango on the outside but AC rolls him up for to. Jericho goes for the Walls for the win.

After the match Fandango attacks Jericho. He hits his Leg drop off the top rope twice to lay  out Jericho.

AR’s Truth: A actual good & back forth match. I forgot through the match Cesaro was U.S Champion. He is a champion who Jobs? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. A good win for Jericho but Fandango lays out Jericho to send a message. I really can’t wait for this match. Good Match though 3.5-5*.

Bella Twins Defeated Funkadactyls

The Undertaker comes out & He says that his title reign was good but at wrestlemania he will suffer. He said defeating Punk isn’t good enough so now sense he disrespecting Paul Bearer will pay. He said with the mindset that taker is in he might lose but punk won’t live to tell about it. We have the guys in a robe & with fire come out. A long moments with nothing happening then they have Paul Heyman dress up like Paul Bearer come out with the URN. Taker walks with a vengeance but he attacks the Guys in the Robes. They brawl then Punk hits taker with the URN over & over again. Punk takes the lid off the URN then lets the Ashes out of it while he pours it on Taker. He stands over him with the Urn in hand to end the show.

AR’s Truth: It was a good promo by taker but it was cut off to early. There was a long pause with the waiting of Heyman which hurt it to a degree but not much. Punk laying out taker was the right choice. I gave my prediction & the blog will be up later this week with my pick of the winner of this match but Punk came out with an interview saying he would rather wrestle Steve Austin or John Cena at mania. That’s disrespect with taker & the chances of putting a guy over like that isn’t likely.

Overall this was a good show/ way to send off to wrestlemania. Not too much wrestling but what we saw was good with one bad match. There was a lot of Segments or talking but im a fan of it. Id give it a 6.5-10* rating show. 

Thanks for watching along with me.
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