Well look who's back with another review. Everyone its summertime officially for me. Lets get into it. Bring a jacket its about to get cold- 

We kick things off with Ryback opening promo with an ambulance

AR's Truth: Ok cool entrance with a much better promo & the match will be interesting to see how they plan it. Might give an advantage to Ryback for the win. Much better way to start the second half of this program.

The Miz & Chris Jericho Def Fandango & Wade Barrett

AR's Truth: A decent match that had Fandango leave Wade to dance. That made sense which makes it looks like this feud will continue another month. Interesting to have Wade in there & Not Cody just cause of the match from last night.

Sheamus Def Titus O'Neal

AR's Truth: It was what it was & not all bad. Just Prime time players haven't had a push or any moment in awhile so its hard to believe he would beat Sheamus. 

Paul Heyman Introducing Curtis Axel then HHH Challenging him to a match

AR' Truth: Good stuff from Heyman with a different Selection than We thought. I like that pick as he is a younger guy who deserves it. As far as the match With HHH goes it should just to get him over but time will tell.

Big E. Langston Def Alberto Del Rio 

Ar's Truth: A decent match that had the perfect time. Makes a cheap heat finish without ADR losing anything. 

Cody Rhodes Def Zack Ryder

Ar's Truth:Its a shame that WWE doesn't do more with these two & Rumors that Ryder will get released this Friday is more scary. Decent match but they had two minutes. Come on man!

The Shield Defeats Team Hell No & Kofi Kingston

Ar's Truth: A very good tag team match that had the right outcome & continued the momentum that they have been having for a long time. Dean Ambrose is the real deal.

Randy Orton Def Jack Swagger

Ar's Truth: Another decent match that had a very predictable choice in orton & when you saw orton get picked you knew the winner. Where these two go maybe against each other which i wouldn't mind seeing a program of this. 

Main Event: Curtis Axel Vs HHH Ends in a no contest

Ar's Truth: The match was what it was but what people were talking about was the finish which is what i think was awful. Have Curtis go over on HHH or even has HHH do what he was doing but have Curtis Attack him. lay him out & have HHH be written off of tv for awhile. Not have us just see him collapse then say Bye! This was Curtis first match as this gimmick your supposed to win & have momentum not have it cut from under you. This makes no sense to me. 

Overall this was a much much better show then weeks past which makes me feel good going into the future. Curtis Axel could be a star but they need to finish statements heyman says for him. It feels like WWE is finally going with some young & very talented guys. Ill have more on the review show later tonight. Thanks for reading & as always What do you think leave it in the comment area below & Let me hear from you.  tweet me @AR_Official_94 or you can watch me on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/NGWSOfficial/videos

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