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The show starts with Vickie Guerrero who talks about Big Show’s actions on RAW. Alberto interrupts and asks Vickie to reconsider the match with John Cena at Hell in a Cell, kissing Vickie on the lips to convince her. Vickie says she won’t reconsider and Damien Sandow interrupts. ADR vs. Sandow in a non-title matchis announced for later tonight.

Thoughts: I’m not sure if this is the beginning of Damien Sandow’s rumored babyface turn or not, but it sure looked like it. Overall, the segment was alright; Del Rio is not the most stellar talker and his exchange with Vickie was fine, but Sandow joining the party made it that much better. Their match later on should be pretty good!

Curtis Axel defeats R-Truth to retain the Intercontinental Championship with that finisher of his that looks a lot like Leo Kruger’s.
Thoughts: Not too bad of a match, but the fact that Truth is there to put over Axel as the Intercontinental Champion is too oblivious for us fans to care about this rivalry. R-Truth has become that guy who challenges for midcard titles only to give the holders victories, so in some sense he has become quite irrelevant to me. Hopefully he can be repackaged some time soon and give justice to his charisma. Axel’s title reign has been lackluster and a program needs to be developed for him asap.

Los Matadores defeat Los Locales with their unnamed finisher. El Torito attacks the losers after the match.
Thoughts: I read somewhere that the men behind the masks for this job were Ricardo Rodriguez and Tyson Kidd; it’s a damn shame that they lost! Personally, I haven’t been impressed with the repackage of Primo and Epico, but the good thing about this is they still have time to change my mind. This performance was nothing special, although the little bull attacking the losers was quite funny.

Brie Bella & The Funkadactyls defeat Natalya, Kaitlyn & Eva Marie when Naomi rolls up Kaitlyn.
Thoughts: Let’s just say it could’ve been a lot worse. Someone up there needs to understand that Eva Marie in a wrestling match is never a good idea, and that’s fine; many divas have made it in the business as valets and I believe it’s a role that would fit Eva better, if she could work on showing some type of emotion. Brie Bella continues to impress me more and more every week and it was good to see Kaitlyn again. It’s good to see the Divas division be some kind of relevant once more.

Interview with Cody Rhodes and Goldust, who puts over how they’re going to beat the Wyatt Family later on tonight.
Thoughts: Loved it. This whole Rhodes family angle is really great for the WWE right now. With Goldust being back and involved in this storyline, it gives Cody Rhodes the opportunity to ride the wave that is the biggest push of his career and it couldn’t happen to someone more deserving. It’s good to see the two brothers team up and I’m stoked to see them in action later on.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Damien Sandow with the cross armbreaker.
Thoughts: Match of the night. These two went to war! As confusing as it was to see a heel vs. heel bout, it was a highly entertaining one. The chemistry displayed in the ring was impressive, perhaps testing the waters? Both these men have what it takes to feud over the World Title for the near future and Damien Sandow definitely needs a run with the strap soon. No offense to Del Rio, he has been putting on great matches since his most recent heel turn but he has made his title reign boring because of his lack of personality. Something fresh needs to be done on the World Title scene and giving the belt to Sandow might be a good place to start. Although Cena winning the title wouldn’t bother me at all.

The Primetime Players & The Great Khali defeat 3MB when Khali hits his big chop on Heath Slater.
Thoughts: I don’t know what to say. That was terrible. I still don’t understand how WWE still sees money in Khali as he is by far the most boring and useless superstar on their active roster. Every time creative give him victories, I get paranoid that they might give him several more, because that is not what’s best for business. 3MB won on Main Event, so would it be too much to ask to get some victories on one of WWE’s top shows? This was just plain awful.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes defeat Luke Harper & Erick Rowan when Cody rolls up Harper. The Rhodes celebrate to end the show.
Thoughts: Awesome tag team match to end the show! If anyone told me a few months back that The Wyatt Family and the Rhodes brothers were going to main event SmackDown!, I would’ve called you crazy, but I couldn’t be happier. It’s matches like these ones that restore credibility in tag team wrestling; WWE could use more matches like this one. Goldust definitely still has it and it’s good to see him perform at the same level as he always has. Cody seems to have find his comfort zone as a performer and the Wyatts are one of the biggest tag teams that we have seen in a while. All in all, this main event was great!

Overall, there were two good to great wrestling matches and the others were below average. Segment-wise, it was good. Not great, not awesome, but good. And that’s what SmackDown! was this week. Good. Average. 

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