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Welcome to the review of the most exciting show on WWE Television, Superstars! What? You disagree? The beginning video would argue otherwise with such a great song and a photo feature of every major WWE performer. Time for the show!

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show with Alex Riley at his side. We start with Big E. Langston making his way to the ring and he will be taking on...as the announcers talk about Big Show on Raw knocking out Triple H(apparently it's more important than the match about to happen)...Justin Gabriel(ya know, the most underrated and underutilized performer in WWE). 

Big E. Langston defeats Justin Gabriel with the big ending in just under seven minutes of action. Decent match from these guys, and definitely more wrestling involved than some of the squash matches we've seen on both Raw and Smackdown recently. What's up with that? Big E. is still super talented and continues to impress me with both his strength and agility. Why would WWE again not capitalize on it when he fits the size mold that Vince usually loves? Is it because of his skin color, or is it because he possesses real wrestling ability? Either way, someone's booking plans are twisted when it comes to who gets featured.

We get a Raw recap of the special referee situation for Hell in a Cell. I didn't care Monday, and I don't care now; all I want is good wrestling!

We get ANOTHER recap of Ricardo Rodriguez taking on Alberto Del Rio on Raw. This wasn't even close to being one of the best spots on the show, so why show it to us again when WWE clearly hasn't given two shits about the World Title scene and booking a proper rivalry?

Kaitlyn takes on Tamina in a very competitive match. Tamina wins with a Samoan drop after she counters a spear and Kaitlyn just can't get the job done. Good hard hitting match with these two across the board. Loved it!

We get a recap of Big Show's actions on Raw to end this episode of Superstars. I'm shocked, and I STILL don't need the replay.

Two good matches on a forty minute show? Better than no good matches on a forty minute show. Raw recaps aside, this was pretty enjoyable. Though, I'm still a little ticked that Undertaker is on the opening promo and nowhere to be seen. Thanks for reading!

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