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The last episode of WWE Superstars featured very little in the terms of content and quality. I'm not overly surprised by this but every now and then WWE Superstars puts together two excellent matches. I can only hope for the same this week.

~Zack Ryder & Justin Gabriel vs. Big E. Langston & Damien Sandow~

Langston & Sandow pick up the victory after Big E. Langston hits Justin Gabriel with the Big Ending for the pinfall.

ML: Oh wow....where do I even begin? For starters, this match was pretty good. All four guys demonstrated excellent chemistry with each other. Gabriel and Ryder are very underrated in terms of wrestling ability and quality of wrestling matches. Ryder is desparate need of a new gimmick and Gabriel needs the recognition he deserves from the WWE brass. Big E. Langston doesn't have anything of any importance going on right now, so seeing him featured on Superstars this week is a welcomed treat. Hopefully, somewhere in the near future they will have something for Langston to do.

Damien Sandow: Where do I start with him? I know the jobber-style booking worked for Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, but I have a fear that it's not going to work for Sandow. There's not denying Sandow's ability and his overall talent in the ring and in his execution of his character/gimmick but to continually job him every week and reduce his character to Superstars and the WWE C-Shows is a problem. By the time he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract to win the World Title, the WWE is going to have work ever harder to continue and convince the WWE Universe that he is a viable threat and a credibile Champion. As of right now, the WWE is continually dropping the ball on him and it's a shame. He deserves so much more than he's receiving currently.

The Great Khali makes his way to the ring after the match - Big E. Langston rolls out of the ring and Damien Sandow receives a chop from Khali

ML: I have no words. I'm beyond pissed.

~Tons of Funk(Brodus Clay & Sweet T) vs. The Real Americans(Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger)~

The Real Americans win after Cesaro rolls up Clay after Swagger hits Clay's head off the turnbuckle.

ML: I can't even describe the crap I just saw. I feel bad for Antonio Cesaro AND Jack Swagger; the WWE is treating them awful right now and they both deserve better. I wish the WWE would just release Brodus and Tensai from their contracts.

~Final Thoughts~

ML: With two matches and a bunch of crap Raw recaps, this episode of Superstars failed to deliver. After a great start to the show with the tag match between Gabriel & Ryder and Langston & Sandow, this show had a ton of potential. I don't have much of anything else to say about Superstars; every now and then, we get a good show - this was NOT one of them.

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