Authorities have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, sources tell CNN. The breakthrough comes based on analysis of security camera footage from a Lord & Taylor store near the site of the second explosion. Other outlets are echoing the news:WCVB 5 reports that an arrest "is imminent or may have already taken place," and an AP source says the suspect is already custody. CNN initially reported that the arrest had been made, but the network has since backtracked on that, quoting senior administration officials. "I'm told they've now checked as high as the attorney general," John King said, "who would know if there was an arrest."

"The video showed clearly at the site of the second explosion an individual showing up and placing a black bag," King said. Video from a local television station was also used to identify the suspect. King described the suspect as a dark-skinned male. In another breakthrough, authorities have recovered a piece of circuit board that they believe was part of one of the devices. They also found the lid of a pressure cooker that may have been part of a device, apparently blasted all the way to a nearby roof.

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