Cops in Battle Creek, Mich. said they broke up something of an orgy early Sunday morning at a Masonic Temple. A source called it an "out of control sex party."

WWMT reports:

Sources told us the first officer to walk inside, was shocked to find a couple performing a lewd sex act, along with drugs, multiple nude women and men videotaping it all behind these closed doors.Cops made "multiple arrests" though reports on the story don't make clear what, if any, charges were filed against party attendees.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that cops told five women who were allegedly dancing nude on a stage to get dressed and leave.

In an apparent attempt to shirk responsibility for the event, a temple spokesperson told WWMT that an outside group ponied up $900 to host a "dance party" at the temple that night.

The Atlantic Wire notes that it's unclear what types of drugs were allegedly found at the temple.

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