The 85-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested Tuesday for felony drug distribution and maintaining a dwelling where drugs were being peddled.

While most of her octogenarian peers are enjoying their golden years, Jones was allegedly selling Hydrocodone, the powerful painkiller, from her home, according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

A search of Jones’s home turned up “narcotics in addition to evidence” corroborating a police probe “into Jones selling narcotics from this residence.”

Jones--who allegedly peddled pills within 1000 feet of a school--was booked into the Sullivan County jail, from which she was released yesterday after posting $70,000 bond.

While it is rare for cops to collar accused dealers as old as Jones, she is not the oldest pensioner to be popped. In May 2010, Floridian Ola Mae Agee, then 87, was nabbed for selling crack cocaine to undercover cops who made the buys inside Agee’s Pensacola home.

Agee was subsequently convicted at trial and sentenced to 18 months in state prison.

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