The problem with a company that sports the motto "Believe It Or Not!" is that as soon as you believe something, you want more . . . and more . . . and more.

So, for International Sword Swallowers Day 2013, Ripley's raised the bar significantly, showing off the best in extreme steel slurping.

In Baltimore, Dan Meyer swallowed a sword while pulling a 3,300 Mini Cooper.

"I had blood on my sword after that little stunt," Meyer told the Huffington Post. "And I woke up with a fat lip."

After Meyers pulled the jewel-encrusted car 10 feet, fellow sword swallower Lady Diane Falk told him not to worry about the blood.

"A little blood is a good thing," she told him. "That let's everyone knows that sword swallowing is real."

Indeed, it only seems like stage magic when a performer jabs a 20+ inch blade down his or her throat. It's actually a practiced art that goes back centuries in Europe and Asia, where sword swallowing evolved simultaneously as a time-honored tradition.

Some other highlights from Sword Swallowing Day 2013:

  • At the Ripley's in New York City, Todd Robbins led a large contingent featuring Natasha Veruschka, among others, who swallowed multiple swords at once.

  • In Dallas, Richard Leboeuf swallowed a sword while juggling, while Shel Higgens did it while jumping rope on a unicycle.

  • In Newport Beach, Twisted Trystan deep throated a power drill, running at full speed.

  • Patricia Forrest stood on tippy toes, ballerina-style, performing pointe work while gobbling a blade, in Panama City Beach.

  • And in Atlantic City, David Peyre-Ferry swallowed a sword while sandwiched between a bed of nails.

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