A cliff jumper gave his girlfriend the ultimate high by pushing her over a 400-foot drop—into a pendulum swing secured by a harness and ropes, the Daily Mail reports. With a video camera rolling, Creighton Baird tried for 45 minutes to gently persuade his companion, Jessica Powell, to overcome her fear and leap into a narrow Utah canyon. Finally he gave her a push and she plummeted over the edge with a hair-raising scream. Swinging through the gorge, she cried, "I'm breaking up with youuuuuu!" See the video here. Its around the 215 minute mark when she falls.

Baird laughed so hard, he fell over: "I just got dumped!" he cried. Another sporty looking dude walked over and asked him, "So, can I have her number?" But she later gave Baird a hug and thanked him for helping her make the jump, said Devin Graham, who led the thrill-seeking video project. The love, however, didn't last: "Sadly, last week they actually did break up," said Graham. "It had nothing to do with getting pushed off the rope swing."

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