Two New York firefighters were going about their work yesterday morning when they heard screams—and looked over to see a man dragging his wife down the street. "Once I got closer, the man starts hacking at the woman" with a cleaver, FDNY veteran José Ortiz recalls. "He hits her six, eight, maybe 10 times." Ortiz and James Trainor rushed the man and managed to get him up against a fence, the New York Post reports.

Ming Guang Huang, 28, is accused of attacking wife Jinyia You, 24, with the cleaver; firefighters held him until police arrived. His wife ran down the street barefoot and bleeding, but a third firefighter was eventually able to catch up with her. "She was afraid," he says. "She has a cut on her head and several wounds on her abdomen. She had six to eight cuts, one deep one on the back of her head." She was listed in critical condition last night, but is expected to survive.

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