Tip: The next time you're breaking out of a holding cell, make sure your escape route doesn't lead straight into a courtroom.

A Kentucky inmate, whose name has not been released, had already gone to trial on Monday, but was being kept in a holding cell at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Louisville because he allegedly attacked a court official during the proceedings. Later that day, a deputy opened the door to retrieve another inmate from the same cell,WHAS reported, and the first inmate allegedly charged the door, shoving the deputy out of the way.

The inmate and deputy staggered through the doorway and into a courtroom where trial was currently in session, video footage shows. The inmate was able to bolt about 20 feet before he was tackled by court officers. One attorney also joined in on the pile-up, according to the Daily Mail.

The inmate is being charged with attempted escape and assault, KDSK reported.Police have not released the man's name or initial charges. 

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