Sometimes when police are trying to take you to the dog pound, you just want to bite back.

That's allegedly what one North Carolina man did when tracked down by the police for outstanding warrants stemming from a shooting. Travis Glaspie allegedly chomped down on the 2-year-old police dog named Maxx and bit off the canine ear's.

Glaspie, 22, had been wanted by Wilmington police for allegedly shooting into an occupied vehicle on June 5,according to WWAY.

In a jailhouse interview on Tuesday with WECT, Glaspie admitted to running from the police. Glaspie described how the K-9 cop pursued him, grabbing his leg and then his stomach.

Glaspie told WECT that Wilmington Police Cpl. David Pellegrino repeated "Good boy, good boy" as Maxx attacked him. The defendant also alleged that Pellegrino punched him in the face when Glaspie tried to separate himself from the dog.

The defendant admitted to biting the dog, because he was scared of the animal.

The bite split Maxx's ear and required more than 15 stitches. He's expected to make a full recovery within a few weeks, the Daily Mail reported.

As for the dog's alleged attacker: Glaspie received medical attention for injuries before being sent to a detention facility, Wilmington Police told WECT.

Glaspie was charged with felony assault on law enforcement animal,resisting arrest, assault on a law enforcement officer, property damage and possession of a Schedule VI controlled substance, according to WWAY-TV.

His bond was set at $1,025,000.

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