Fast food is his quick ticket to jail.

Mark Abaire -- charged with a felony last month when he requested a cup for water at McDonald's only to fill it with soda -- was arrested again last week, this time at a Pizza Hut.

It's the second time that the Naples, Fla. man has been arrested at the exact same Pizza Hut on the exact same charges: trespassing and open container violations,according to the Naples Daily News.

Last Monday, Abaire was spotted by cops outside the pizza joint at about 3:30 a.m. Officers recognized him from his McDonald's run-in and approached. He allegedly had booze on him, United Press International reported.

Abaire reportedly said he returned to the Pizza Hut because he dropped his lighter.

Abaire, who is homeless, made headlines in April when he allegedly filled a McDonald's water cup with soda despite an employee's warning. Police slapped the suspect with a felony charge because of his long rap sheet in Naples.

He's scheduled to appear in court again this week.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Abaire has a long rap sheet in Naples county. It was in the city of Naples -- there is no Naples county. We regret the error.

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