Same-sex marriage - votes of 4 Republicans show importance of more thorough vetting of candidates

One of the largest and oldest conservative state parties in the nation is the Conservative Party in New York. The party was strongly opposed to changing the definition of marriage. Yet four Republican legislators endorsed by the Conservative Party provided the votes required to pass a same-sex marriage bill in New York -- the first state where the legislative branch, rather than judicial or executive branch, inflicted gay marriage on a state. 

A story posted at Media Research Center website today discusses the consternation of the Conservative Party's leader about his party's role in electing legislators who voted against his party on this matter. 

Ref: Clay Waters, "Bill Keller Hints Arguments Against Gay Marriage Are Just Arguments Against Gays in General", mrc.org, April 16, 2012 -- http://www.mrc.org/articles/bill-keller-hints-arguments-against-gay... 


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