A Georgia teacher has been suspended after an ill-advised attempt to teach first graders about the Newtown massacre via a game of hide and seek. The teacher, a middle school band director who was subbing a first grade physical education class, at one point aimed a finger gun at a boy and declared, "Bang, you're dead," Fox Atlanta reports. Some parents say the incident gave their kids nightmares. The teacher meant well, but "you can't do security off the cuff," a school executive says, though he adds that the popular teacher would be "the first person to protect kids in a crisis."

In other lessons-gone-wrong news, a history teacher in Texas is in hot water after trying to teach Old West lasso techniques to 7th graders—by lassoing them as they ran. One student wound up with rope marks around his neck,KHOU reports. The teacher "was telling the students about how cowboys would corral maverick steers back into the herd," a district spokesman explains. It wasn't malicious, he says, but represented "extremely poor judgement." That teacher has also been suspended.

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