Testicle Squeezing In Street Fight Causes Man's Death

There are worse ways to die, but you probably don't want to think about them, especially if you're a guy.

A Chinese man was reportedly killed last week when a woman squeezed his testicles until he collapsed during a fight over a parking space.

An unidentified 41-year-old woman in China's Haiku City in the Hainan Province rode into town on her scooter to pick her child up from school. The woman tried to park in front of a local store, but the store owner, the 42-year-old victim, refused to allow it, China News 24 reported.

The resulting fight escalated, leading the woman to call her husband and brother, who in turn got into a more violent fist fight with the shopkeeper, according to the website. At some point in the fracas, the woman grabbed the man's testicles and squeezed them until he collapsed. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and later died.

Parking disputes can get ugly just about anywhere. On March 26, Louisiana resident Shawntay Brown, 19, was arrested for biting a 15-year-old's breast during a brawl in Monroe.

An affidavit in the case included a police officer's statement that the 15 year old "showed me the bite mark."

A video is said to show Brown running after the younger girl and biting her on a tender spot, the Smoking Gun reported.

Brown contends that the other girl bit her first.

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5/1/2012 04:19:28 am

i think he died due to neurogenic shock.
here is a court case in asia where two women "accidentally" killed their husbands by squeezing theyre
testicles in self defense

He considered that the injury to the testicles was the cause of Kalan's death, and added that, even if the man had been in sound health, the injury would have caused his death. The Hospital Assistant says that the testicles were "almost absolute pulp. No solid parts remained," and was positive that shock from injury to the testicles was the sole cause of death.

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