A Floridian who was reportedly “minding his own business, burning a Bible near the side of the roadway,” got into an altercation yesterday with a man who became “agitated” upon seeing the Good Book in flames, police report.

According to cops, Mark See, 38, said he confronted the Bible burner in front of the man’s Bradenton home. When See, an Atlas Van Lines employee, “began to pick up the Bible and walk away,” the suspect punched him in the back of the head.

A witness to the confrontation told a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy that the Bible burner was “minding his own business, burning a Bible near the side of the roadway” when he was approached by See and “2-3 other male individuals.”

See, the witness told a deputy, “became agitated at the sight of the burning Bible” and approached the man “in a threatening manner.” The witness added that the Bible burner--who is not identified in the sheriff’s report--“was only defending himself as he was outnumbered” when he struck See.

While the deputy concluded that See was the incident’s “primary aggressor,” arrests were not made since “no one wanted to press charges.”
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