A father's love shows no bounds -- even if it requires him to jump from the car he is driving.

That's what a father in the Chinese city of Wenzhou did recently when his 4-year-old daughter accidentally fell out of the car.

A surveillance video camera captured a dramatic scene of the girl falling from the car as it crossed a busy intersection,CBC.ca reported.

The girl narrowly missed the back wheel of the car and fell straight into the path of a taxi following behind, the Telegraphreported, adding that she only avoided being run over due to the quick reflexes of the cab driver.

Police officer Chen Shu said the incident happened because the girl wasn't strapped into her seat and was trying to change locations.

"It turned out that the child climbed from the back of the seat to the front while her father was driving, accidentally opened the door and fell out," the officer told International Business Times. "When it happened, the taxi and all the other cars weren't going too fast, and the taxi braked immediately so it did not hit the child."

After the father jumped from the driver's seat, the black car continued about 30 feet before crashing into a tree.

Meanwhile, the girl only suffered minor bruises. 

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