A group of college students in Pasadena, Calif., has found a new use for old vinyl records: As the basis for incredible stunts.

Recently, the guys came across about 400 vinyl records and, looking for kicks, decided to put the albums on a nearby turntable -- but not in the conventional manner.

Instead, they tossed the records out of second story windows onto the record player or kicked them martial arts-style on to the turntable, according to Jason Richardson.

"We were just hanging out with this big box of records we got at a garage sale and decided to see if we could toss them onto the turntable," Richardson told The Huffington Post. "Soon as we realized we could make it, we started filming."

Richardson and his pals Reef Coleman, Tony Jien, Mike Jackson and Mike Wofford spent about 18 hours tossing, throwing, and kicking the vinyl albums -- most of which were for gospel acts -- in order to get enough clips for a YouTube clip they hope will attain viral infamy.

In the process, they learned a lot more than they expected, especially Coleman, who hopes to become a math teacher.

"Tossing the records onto the turntable required probability more than geometry," he told The Huffington Post. "We broke a lot at first. We also learned that if you toss one high enough into the air, it will sink into the grass."

Will the guys attempt to reproduce their incredible feats? Probably not.

"We were burned out from doing it all day," Richardson confessed.

Coleman concurred.

"My girlfriend was gone for the weekend and I was bored," he laughed. "That's what started this."

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