We know it's hot out, but sheesh.

Police say Stephanie Dillard got into a minor accident with a Houston city bus on Friday while driving with her three children. She walked away from the crash, but left her kids in the banged-up car. Dillard allegedly grabbed some ice cream and stripped naked in a nearby drug store where police found her, according to KPRC.

Dillard's children, ages 5, 12 and 16, all suffered minor injuries in the crash. Dillard is charged with endangering a child.

Reuters notes that the cause of Dillard's behavior isn't known. "But in some states, if a sudden medical emergency like a stroke causes an accident, the driver generally can't be held liable for the crash," the article said.

But that excuse doesn't hold if the driver knew about her condition and failed to take medication to treat it, according to Reuters.

The Houston Press reports that Dillard's children were turned over to their grandmother, "whom, we hope, did not offer to take them for consolatory scoops of ice cream," the Press writes.

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