One husband's little dish on the side almost got served with wine.

Florida woman Madjuie Richard Durocher, 48, was arrested on Monday after allegedly attacking her husband's mistress with a wine bottle, the Naples Daily News reports.

Durocher drove to a Publix grocery store where she knew her husband, Jackson, would be dropping off his alleged mistress, Donishi Smith, at work, according to an incident report obtained by The Huffington Post. She told officers she knew the couple would be there because Smith had told her about the trip earlier that day.

Outside the grocery store, Durocher allegedly blocked her husband's car with her own, then, wielding a wine bottle, attempted to pull Smith out of the vehicle. When that didn't work, Durocher allegedly tried to hit Smith with the bottle. She missed, smashing the bottle against the car door, the report said.

Smith told police that Durocher then threw the remaining shards of the bottle at her, which resulted in a "scuffle" between the two women.

An officer noted that when police arrived, Smith was bleeding from one eye, with lacerations on her arms. Durocher had one laceration on her hand, but refused treatment.

Durocher has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to a Collier County arrest report.

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