If you are not a fan of "Face the Pain" by Stemm, the song that opens UFC events, you are not in luck. UFC president Dana White enjoys the song and doesn't plan on changing it up anytime soon. The New York-based band licensed it to the promotion in 2002 and it has been used since in highlights and the intro.

"They can mute their television," said White, in an interview with MMAjunkie.com. "It works. It's like retiring (Bruce) Buffer saying, 'It's time.' You'd have to go out and find another piece that fit and was perfect and license it and go through all this crazy (expletive), you know what I mean?"

White did remove the "Gladiator Man" that previously was used when the UFC and FOX agreed to their deal. The song, though, the boss says "really does get you fired up."

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