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In a recent interview, Matt Riddle took issue with the latest rounds of UFC cuts, believing the wrestlers were in the most danger of losing their job. Riddle was released from the promotion late last month.UFC president Dana White begs to differ on what led to Riddle's departure.

"We're not cutting wrestlers," said White during the UFC 158 media scrum. "Everyone's going to have an excuse for why they were cut. Matt Riddle did an interview before that fight where he said, 'I smoke weed so I don't beat my children.' Then he tests positive for it. He's a f---ing moron. That's why he's not in the UFC. He's a moron."

Some had pointed to Riddle's second post-fight drug test to comeback positive for marijuana within seven months as a leading factor in his firing.

Riddle was 7-3-2 NC in his five year run with the UFC that saw him fail to win The Ultimate Fighter 7. His two no contest were wins before they were overturned because of the marijuana in his system.

He recently signed a contract with Legacy FC after stating he had no desire to return to the UFC. If Riddle doesn't want to return to the UFC, White can live with that decision.

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