"I'm thinking maybe I'll sit on the sidelines for a good long minute until somebody gets injured, and fight for a title like everybody else is doing," Diaz said at Saturday's post-fight press conference, prompting a chuckle from UFC President Dana White.

"I do have a lot of losses on my record, and other people have a lot criticism and s--t to talk about me losing fights. But if you take a look at my record compared to other people's record, for every two fights, I've fought six, seven times. So if they're fighting the same amount, and more consistent like I am, they're going to have more losses than me. So maybe I'll sit around for a while and wait for an injury to pop up."

"I'm glad that they stopped it when they did," Diaz said. "This is a rough sport and I don't think people should be taking shots. It's not like I want to kill that guy."

The finish marked Diaz's first knockout since 2010, though afterward the Stockton native bristled at the idea that he's turned a corner in regards to his punching power.

"I feel like I hit hard all the time," Diaz said. "Sometimes I just keep going and instead of being full blown power shots, I feel like maybe a lot more accurate punches will do. But if I slow it down and try to hit you hard, I'm going to hit you hard. It's not like I don't hit hard."

"It would've been cool to go there," Diaz joked. "But I was broke so I had to show up."

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