"It actually really depressed me," Jackson admitted of his past knee issues. "It's part of the reason why I haven't been doing well. I used stay in the gym after my fights, but I stopped doing it because of how much pain I was in. You have to be mentally strong and confident. (Now) I'm not depressed anymore.

"I notice a big improvement. My knees actually feel like they did in my Pride days."

"I don't really like to watch myself on TV," Jackson said of the series. "But from the feedback and stuff like that I'm pretty happy with it.

"I just would like it if Spike promoted it a little bit more. I think it's a good show. It's for the fans, to learn a little bit more about me and how I am, what I do. I like the show. I've heard positive feedback from it, more positive than negative. But I'd be satisfied if Spike promoted it a little bit more, to be honest."

"[Monday] was my first day even hearing about this," Jackson said. "I didn't have the greatest time doing TUF, so if it's anything like The Ultimate Fighter, then no, I'm not interested. But in dealing with Bellator, I can almost guess that they're nothing like The Ultimate Fighter."

"If I would've lost to Tito, that's totally different," Jackson said. "I think Joey Beltran is a way tougher opponent than Tito. It's a different type of fight. But with Tito, (if I lost) I would've hung up my MMA gloves. I probably would've just boxed or kickboxed, to be honest."

"Well I agree with him," Jackson said flatly. "This fight is going to be pretty violent. I trained my ass off just so I could really do a lot of damage to Tito. Now, fighting a guy who's really durable and really tough, I'm just happy that I went all out on my cardio this fight.

"He's right about telling his family to stay home. They may not want to tune into this fight either. I really plan on hurting this kid."

"I didn't know anything about that," he said. "Bellator, they did everything, so I didn't know. I thought it was [Beltran's] idea. I didn't know and I didn't care. I would've fought at heavyweight. I would've fought at any weight.

"When Tito got hurt, I asked to be on the same card and they couldn't do it. After that I just put my hands in the air. I said f--t it, I don't care. That's when I stopped caring."

"I don't frustrate me at all because I've noticed that a lot of people in MMA are sheep. If one person say baaa, then the others says baaa and they go along with it," Jackson said.

"To be honest, I'm in such a different mind frame right now. I'm in my zone, and I don't care what people are thinking. I know what I know. I know this is the best training camp I've had in years, my weight is really good, I feel good, I feel strong. I know in my heart I'm not washed up. I know why I lost my last three fights. I can tell you. I lost my fight toJon Jones because Jon Jones is a better fighter. Who hasn't lost to Jon Jones that faced him?

"I know why I lost my fight to Ryan Bader," Jackson continued. "Because I was injured. I needed surgery but I didn't want to back out because I was fighting in Japan. I know why I lost my fight to whoever, Glover (Teixeira). I was injured. I shouldn't have been fighting, but I didn't want to back out. I wanted to finish my UFC contract, so I fought anyway. I know why I lost my fights. Fans don't know why I lost three fights in a row. All they know is I lost three fights in a row."

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