“Josh sent me a huge text (after the fight), and his text sounded a little bit like retirement,” White said. “I don’t ever mess with guys when they talk about retirement, but it might be a little premature for Josh, too.”

“I think Josh is still one of the most talented guys out there,” White noted. “He fought a beast who was ready to go tonight. Josh hurt him tonight. Josh hurt him. I love Koscheck. I love that kid. I love the way he fights, I love his attitude. The guy gets booed out of the arena every time he comes in, but he still goes in and fights his ass off. He’s a tough kid. When you’re standing in the octagon and you look across, you know you’re in for a fight.”

As far as Koscheck making any comments publicly about his future, as of Sunday AM, all he had tweeted was “Nice job tonight @TWooodley you are fast…”

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