MMA in the Olympics is a strong possibility, so says the UFC’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific Mark Fischer. While it’s a thought, MMA has a large way to go before the Olympics consider adapting the sport into the mix.

“Mixed martial arts, under the global leadership of UFC and us really inspiring and pushing the envelope, I think has a great chance to become an Olympic sport because it is participated now by countries literally all over the world,” said Fischer to Yahoo Sports!.

The UFC has been expanding the last few years, going to countries they’ve never held events in. New markets include Ireland, Australia, Germany, Sweden and China. The UFC has previously been to Canada, Brazil, England and Japan.

The world’s leading MMA promotion isn’t done with a Singapore show booked for January and talk with Russia is on the rise.

Wrestling isn’t booked for the 2020 Olympic Games, but the community is trying to change that.

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