We kick of the Halloween edition of Impact! With the president Dixie Carter coming to the ring. She says that she gave AJ Styles everything he wanted but he threw it in her face. She says no one walks out on Dixie Carter. She says that AJ doesn’t exist or her TNA champion. She says that he stole her belt & car but she doesn’t want it back. She says that he is just the pretend world champion so she wants a real world champion. She has found a man for the job who wins an 8 man tournament to find out the world champion. She brings out seven of the guys who is going to be in the tournament. The guys announced for the tournament with a video package are the following James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode. Bull Ray comes out with Brooke. She says there will be a gauntlet matches tonight. Ray says that he needs to be in this tournament to get his title back. Ray ask who do you know who I am? She says that yes he lost twice to AJ styles so yes she knows who he is. Ray blames that he got screwed then out of nowhere Mr. Anderson runs to the ring & they start brawling into commercial break. 

Back from break with Brooke screaming at Anderson in the back telling his he will kill him but then Ray hits him from behind with a chain. Ray says he brought him in & he will take him out. Stay Away…

Backstage with Garrett Bischoff & they ask him about Mr. Anderson return. He answers with its club business then walks away with Knux.

James Storm & Gunner Vs. Bro-Man’s
The challengers run & meet them on the stage to send a message to the champs. Gunner & Robbie now in the ring with Gunner catching him with a forearm then a splash in the corner. Gunner with a sling shot suplex for 2. Storm gets tagged in off a double elbow followed by a knew drop for 2. Robbie sends storm into their corner & they hit a double team Irish whip in the corner but storm runs out with a clothesline. Storm with tags in gunner & they hit a combo clothesline. Gunner sends him in the corner then puts the boots to him. Jesse with some right hands but runs into an elbow for 2. Storm back in off a double team punch of the top. Storm goes for eye in the storm & hits it for 2 off Robbie e breaking it up. Robbie hits a neck breaker but Gunner comes in & sends him into the corner. Jesse breaks it up & they sends him out of the ring. Robbie with a clothesline. Back in the ring Storm hits a code breaker then a goes for last call but Robbie pulls him out. Storm hits a suplex off the apron into the ring but when he falls Robbie held his feet down to get the win.

Winners & still tag team champions:  Bro-Man’s

Sting & Dixie Carter are in backstage, she says that since Sting is banned from a world title shot but for this one time she would put him in there for one more shot. He says that he earns everything he gets. 

Bad Influence do a backstage segment as investigators. 

Ethan Carter The 3rd Vs. Norv Turnum
EC3 with a big boot followed by some clubbing right hands. Norv nails a  cross body of the top for two but EC3 hit his finisher for the win. 

Winner: EC3

Bobby Roode is shown backstage talking to a TNA doctor showing him how Kurt Angle suffered his injury at Bound For Glory. He wants to make sure that Angle is medically cleared. 

Gauntlet tournament match to be the eighth participant in world title tournment
Kaz on the attack first but Sting hits a clothesline out of the corner. He sends him face first into the corner then a back body drop. Sting with a suplex, Kaz with an eye poke. Kaz tries to end him over the rope but eats an elbow. Sting with a right & the third guy into the match is Knux. 

Back from break with Knux & Kaz double teaming Sting but here comes Eric Young. EY with right hands & suplex by the crazy one. EY with some right hands then a suplex off the top onto Kaz. EY with some punches in the corner. Sting with some kicks on Knux but misses a stinger splash in the corner. The fourth participant is Daniels who comes out to save Kaz from being eliminated. The fifth guy is manik & he clears house then a double drop kick on Bad Influence. The sixth guy is Magnus, he clotheslines Influence in a double clothesline. Manik eliminates Knux then Kaz with a elbow off the top to eliminate Manik. Kaz with a side kick to eliminate EY. Magnus eliminates Daniels with a clothesline then Magnus eliminates Kaz & Sting at the same time to win the final spot for the world title gauntlet. 

Kurt Angle is talking to the TNA doctor & he said the doctor said he should take the night off but he is cleared so he is going to kick Roodes ass tonight.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © Vs. ODB
ODB with a take down & starts landing several right hands. ODB with a chop in the corner then sends her hard into the corner followed by a splash. Kim slides out of the ring but ODB chases her back. Kim with a kick but ODB hits a fall away slam on the floor. ODB & led’i stare off but ODB gets baseball slide kick from Kim. Gail locks in the figure four on the ring post then she covers her for 2. ODB fights back with right hands but runs into a clothesline for 2. Kim locks in a head submission but ODB stands to her feet. ODB locks in a half crab submission but Kim gets to the ropes. ODB runs into a kick then Kim misses a standing drop kick in the corner. ODB hits some shoulder blocks then a suplex. ODB goes to the top rope & hits a thes press for 2. ODB gets her on the top turnbuckle then connects with a front suplex but Led’I distracts the referee. When ODB gets involved, Kim rolls her up for the win. 

Winner & Still Champion: Gail Kim

Bad Influence comes to the ring; They have solved the monster Abyss case. Daniels says that they looked high & low to find out that Abyss is under the ring. Daniels looks under the ring & gets a pumpkin. Kaz says they found him & compare him to Abyss. They call him a talentless vegetable. Eric Young comes out, he says that he is a scientist & Halloween is Abyss favorite holiday. He says that Abyss sent a message then punches them. They get the advantage & beat down EY. Abyss makes the save followed with some black hole slam for the both of them. 

Bobby Roode Vs. Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode on the attack first with right hands but Angle catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Angle with a clothesline but Roode rolls to the outside. Roode with right hands but Angle goes for a German suplex but Roode rams him into the apron leading into break. 

Back from break with Roode in control with a knee to the gut for 2. He locks in a side waist lock but Angle fights out of it with a German suplex three times, no now five for the count of 2. Angle goes angle slam but blocked & Roode nails a spine buster for 2. Roode goes for a Samoan drop but blocked & Angle locks in an ankle lock. Roode pushes off & locks in a cross face but Angle gets a hold of Roode leg to lock in ankle lock. Roode once again rolls through & lock in the cross face but Roode rolls through for a pin attempt. Back on their feet with Roode locking the cross face but Angle rolls through & hits the Angle slam for a close 2. Angle locks in the ankle lock but Roode rolls through for a count of 2. Angle runs into a big suplex for 2. Roode goes to the top rope but Angle runs up & nails a belly to belly off the top. Angle tries to get up but passes out from the impact. The referee calls for the match to be stopped, couple more Officials check on him to end the show. 

Since it was Halloween & I had to take a little one trick or treating so the coverage was not live. Well no fear my dear wrestling fans will be back one week from tonight with live coverage. 

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