We took a week off but welcome back to TNA Impact! live coverage. Of course we are airing from Orlando Florida.We are shown the final four tournament for the world title video package.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, he starts out by saying that he is thankful for his health and his fans. He turns to the world title tournament, he said that his match with Austin Aries is gave him a war but Magnus (Who he calls out) will be a tougher challenge. Kurt asks him what happened with his knee injury last week. Magnus says that he has the most respect for Angle then anyone and even after his war with Samoa Joe two weeks ago, he still competed for Angle last week. Kurt says that he is injured but still fights, he asks Magnus does he have the heart of a champion. Magnus says he has heart and hungry to be the best and become the TNA world champion. Magnus says he will prove it tonight, Kurt says their friends but he is in the way for his destiny and says Magnus will have to go through him.

Bobby Roode comes out, he says we all get it and Roode knows how they feel because he has been a champion before. Roode says that to be a world champion then you need a killer instinct which he has and proven it in the past to become champion.

His match is next against “The Charismatic Enigma”

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TNA World Title Tournament Tables Match: Jeff Hardy Vs. Booby Roode

Roode with several kicks to the midsection but Hardy fights back with right hands then a takedown followed by a drop kick to the face. Hardy with kicks in the corner then sends him into the corner where he drop kicks him in the back. Hardy goes and gets a table; he brings it in the ring but Roode drop kicks the table into his face. Roode sends Hardy into the ring; he gets a table of his own and brings it into the ring. Roode with chops in the corner then tries to arm drag Hardy into the corner but blocked, Hardy tries to do the same but blocked also. Roode hits a clothesline to put him down. Hardy fights back then sends him into the corner but eats an elbow. Hardy goes for the “Whisper In the Wind” but Roode moved. Roode lifts him up but hardy gets to fight his way to the apron. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but blocked. They trade right hands with a table right below; Hardy kicks Roode in the face and both men fall through the table. This is a problem! and leads us to commercial.

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Mike Tenay says that the match has continued since both men went through the table at the same time. Roode is in full control, Hardy with right hands but shoots off the ropes and Roode hits a spine buster. Roode sets up a table in the ring then lifts him up but Hardy fights out and hits the “Twist of Fate” then Hardy goes for “Swantom Bomb” but Roode gets off the table. Hardy hits it anyways on Roode while on the mat. Hardy puts him on the top rope and place the table behind him. Hardy goes to the top rope with Roode and goes for a suplex but Roode blocks and sends Hardy crotch first on the ropes. Roode goes for a suplex off the apron but blocked and Hardy drop kicks Roode off the apron through the table

Winner and advances to the finals: Hardy in 8:30

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Ethan Carter the 3rd Vs. Earl Hebner
He puts his finger on his chest and counts for the win.

Winner: EC3 in 30 seconds?

A video package is shown of the ongoing Bad Influence – Joseph Parks / Abyss rivalry.

Bad Influence are talking in the back talking about the pictures they took about the truth of Joseph Parks.

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Sam Shaw and Christy Hemme are shown on their date.

AJ Styles winning the world title and his recent feud with Dixie Carter.

Dixie is in the back accepting flowers from a fan which she hates.

Bobby Roode is shown in the back angry for losing his match tonight.

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Dixie Carter is shown in the back with the “feast or fired” briefcase gimmick. Same concept and it is open to the TNA locker room.

Bad Influence comes to the ring; they say they have found out some interesting things about Joseph Parks. Daniels says that they know the truth about Parks but the man himself comes out. Park says they need to stop, he says they have won and maybe their right about him not being a wrestler. Park says that he is just an attorney but they know the truth about him. He grabs it and rips it up. Kaz has a video shown with Bad Influence is at a attorney office and they walk into an empty office that is supposed to be Parks office. He had an office thirteen years ago and it was closed. Daniels says that they found out what has he done for the past thirteen years. Park asks them to leave him alone but they said they won’t leave him alone. Kaz spits in his face and calls him a liar. Both men attack him but Eric Young makes the save and they exit the ring. EY says that he is tired of the bullying and makes a tag match next week.

Sting is shown talking to Magnus in the back and he says that he is proud of him.

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Tag Team Title Match: Bro – Man’s © Vs. Gunner and James Storm
Storm and Jesse start things off, Storm with a big arm drag and tags in Gunner who sends him into the corner for a clothesline then bull dog. Robbie comes in but is thrown in the air by Gunner. Jesse is tagged in and brought in the hard way. Gunner with an elbow for a near fall. Gunner sends him into the corner and chops his chest. Gunner is distracted by Robbie who chases him and Jesse hits a drop kick for 1 count. Jesse with several kicks in the corner as the Bro-Man’s stay in control until Gunner hits a fall away slam then tags in Storm who clears house. Storm with a forearm shot then a big neck breaker. Storm sends Robbie E out of the ring then hits the code breaker. Storm hits last call but Robbie spits at Gunner and shoves the Referee causing the DDQ.

Winner and still champions: Bro-Man’s in 4:00

Sting is about to go to Kurt Angle’s locker room but Spud stops him and tells him that he can’t see him. He leaves anyways.

#impact 365 with Gail Kim is shown with her husband.

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TNA World Title Tournament Last Man Standing Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Magnus
A more mat wrestling start to this match with both men grappling, Magnus shoots off the ropes but Angle catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Magnus catches him with a clothesline off a confusion then lands a right hand. Both men go for clothesline and both me fall. Magnus gets to his feet first and clotheslines him. Magnus with right hands then an uppercut.

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Instead of cutting to the match they have Dixie Carter in the back with getting her package. Now onto the match because you know it doesn’t matter. Magnus is still in control but Angle hits three German suplex’s. He goes for another one and another. Angle waits to see if he gets to his feet which he did and Angle spears Magnus through the ropes onto the floor. Magnus is on the apron and Angle tires to suplex him onto the floor but Magnus elbows him off. Magnus comes off the apron with an elbow to the chest. Magnus sends him into the ring, Magnus is on the top rope but angle runs up connecting with a German suplex. Angle with a snap suplex followed by a moonsult but Magnus moves. Magnus with a big power slam followed by an elbow drop off the top. Magnus accidentally runs into the referee and Angle hits the “Angle Slam” Bobby Roode comes out and takes out Angle with a big suplex. The referee counts ten and this one is over.

Winner and Advances: Magnus in 15:00

After the match Roode attacks him even more with several right hands. Jeff Hardy makes he save and then Hardy faces off with Magnus.

Dixie Carter opens her package and instead of it being a world championship it’s a kid’s belt.

A friends of AJ is shown with AJ Styles, he says that Dixie Carter will have to come down to Georgia and get it.

End of show.

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