– Japanese wrestling legend The Great Muta is reportedly in talks with a “famous American promotion” in order to trade talent with his new wrestling promotion in Tokyo, Wrestle-1. He recently left All-Japan Pro Wrestling and took much of the roster with him to start Wrestle-1. The promotion launched on July 10.

Muta (real name Keiji Mutoh) said the following in an interview with Tokyo Sports (translated rougly into English): “…a famous promotion overseas asked me to partner. I will be going there to talk.”

It’s likely that Mutoh is going to be meeting with Dixie Carter and TNA to trade talent. TNA currently has partnerships all over the world, including AAA in Mexico. There were previously talks with TNA and the former All-Japan President in 2007 that did not come to fruition.

– New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax tournament is set to start this week. The event will take place over nine shows from August 1 to 11. New Japan will be streaming the entire event for the first time ever through iPPV through Ustream (check out the link below for more info). Viewing the entire tournament will cost $150 for all nine shows.

The tournament will feature 20 wrestlers in two groups who will compete in a round robin tournament. The winners of each group will face off in the finals on August 11. Former WWE Superstars Shelton Benjamin, Lance Archer, and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are all set to compete in the tournament.

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