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We get a very well put together video package & we are live from Boston & welcomed in by The Announcers. 1st Match up is the:

Ultimate X For The X Division Title Match: Kenny King (c) Vs. Chris Sabin Vs. Suicide 
Here we go to kick off the ppv, King goes to the outside to let Sabin & Suicide go at it but wait they go after the champion as we have Suicide & Sabin double team him. A hip toss followed by Sabin turning on Suicide but Suicide hits a double knockdown to the outside. Suicide climbs up the top rope but Sabin is drop then Suicide misses a double stomp off the top & is laid out by King. King hits a belly to belly on Sabin. King with the boots to sabin & Suicide. King shows off then Him & Sabin trade punches until Suicide gets involved & nails a suplex. Suicide hits a Front flip knee on king but Sabin hits a suplex on Suicide then focuses on King, Sabin in the corner with kicks on king. Sabin kicks him in the face then nails a kicking into DDT Move. Sabin places king on the ground the Suplex Suicide onto him. Sabin climbs up to start to go on the ropes but Suicide pushes him off then King & Suicide fight on the top rope but King nails a drop kick to send Suicide off the top rope. King & Sabin are in the ring as King being cocky & a roll up by Sabin but misses with kick. King with a Boston crab on king & Suicide ran king head first into the corner. Suicide with a drop on the nuts & a kick to king & sabin as well. Suicide climbs the Ultimate X but King pulls him down. King climbs the ropes but Suicide with right hands, they battle until Sabin goes for the cradle shot on king. Sabin climbs up as Suicide lifts him up for the Electric chair & king hits a leg drop on Sabin. King climbs up & makes his way to the title but Suicide pulls him down but a roll up & Sabin hits a enziguri on King & Suicide. A powerbomb on Suicide but a spring board neck breaker by king on Sabin. Wow! Back to action with Sabin being thrown to the outside then A spring board drop kick on Sabin & King. Back in the ring with Suicide reverse a spear by king then climbs up but knocked down by King but Sabin goes for a power bomb. Not so much for the tower of doom. Sabin locks both guys in the corner as he makes his way sky high but King with Suicide nails a double superplx on Sabin. All three guys head to the top rope & the cables but Suicide & king go to the middle but Suicide falls & Sabin makes his way. They fight but King falls & Sabin gets the belt for the win.

Winner & New Champion: Chris Sabin

Samoa Joe, Magnus, Jeff Hardy Vs. Mr. Anderson, Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff
Aces & Eights attacks The Challengers. Anderson is all over Hardy to start things off. Jeff starts firing on all cylinders with a drop kick for a count of 2. Anderson tags in Wes but Hardy with a hip toss followed by a post to post but tags out to Garrett who is arm dragged & drop kick. Joe is now in & uses the right hands to him then puts several kicks to him. Garrett fights back with right hands & go for a shoulder block off the top rope but Joe just moves for him to burn. A chop/ Kick followed by knee drop to Garrett for a count of 2. Garrett with the eye rack & Magnus with Anderson is back in off the tag team boot by Magnus for a count of 2. Anderson fires back but is caught by Magnus for a step up suplex. Magnus with punches but Wes catches him in the back & Anderson with an elbow to get things going. Anderson goes to the top rope but Magnus fights back until Anderson with a shoulder block for a count of 2. Anderson with an arm submission, Wes in now in with a suplex. Aces & Eights are in control until gets a quick tag to Hardy who is all over Wes. Here comes wes & Anderson but he takes care of them. Wes Irish whips him in the corner but a Whisper in the wind for a count of 2. Magnus & Joe throws out Anderson & Garrett. Wes goes for something but Hardy nails twist of fate then goes to the top rope but Garrett knocks him down. Joe takes care of Garrett with a splash in the corner & a elbow off the top rope. Wes low blows Magnus but Hardy gets the Swantom Bomb for the win.

Winners: Samoa Joe, Magnus, Jeff Hardy

Jay Bradley Vs. Sam Shaw
Sam takes him down with several roll ups but they trade shots. Sam is all over Bradley then a headlock but Bradley puts him in the corner where he meets rubber. Another head lock by Sam but Bradley nails a suplex but misses a elbow drop then a monkey flip by Sam but Bradley pulls him down.  Bradley throws him in the corner hard & they go back & forth. Sam gets in control with a drop kick in the corner then a neck breaker but is poked in the eyes & Bradley nails a clothesline for the win.

Winner: Bradley

TV Title Match: Devon (c) Vs. Joesph Parks
When Parks doesn't come out Devon gets on the microphone & says he fell & couldn't get back up. Devon says to the referee to count to ten & award the match to him for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Devon

He says that Parks didn't have it in him then calls out Abyss which he comes out to face him for the Title.

TV Title Match: Devon (c) Vs. Abyss
Abyss attacks Devon & Knox, Bell rings with a big boot by Abyss but Knox attacks his back then a forearm by Devon. Devon with right hands then he clotheslines him in the corner. Devon in full control & continuing the beat down on abyss until Abyss nails the black hold slam for the win.

Winner & New Champion: Abyss

Sting winning the title in 2006 Video package is shown.

The Latest TNA Hall Of Famer is Announced By Dixie Carter & The Newest Member is Kurt Angle. Angle goes to the ring & They hug. We get a video package of his highlights, He thanks Dixie, The Wrestlers & Jeff Jarrett.

Tag Team 4 Way Title Elimination Match: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) Vs. Bad Influence Vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode Vs. James Storm & Gunner
Daniels & Chavo starts things of with Daniels hits a shoulder block.  More basic wrestling until Hern is tagged in & nails a belly to belly slam. Daniels tags in Aries but is caught & chavo hits a spring board flip. Roode gets taking down by chavo but Storm is tagged in to face off with roode & they go at it. Storm with a clothesline & tags in Gunner but Roode tags in Hernandez & the big guys go at it. They test strength with shoulder blocks. Hernandez has Aries on his shoulders along side Kaz & double back breaker on them. Which i ment Daniels but Storm & Gunner tag team Roode & aries. Daniels & kaz attack Storm & Gunner from behind. Chavo & Hern shoulder blocked both guys. Chavo with a double knee tag move. Hern suplex Daniels but Kaz gets a cheap shot in for Hernandez to go to the outside of the ring. Kaz with a splash for a count of 2, Kaz tags in Roode who is all over Hernandez. Action all over the place until Everyone hits there finishers on everyone. Storm with knee's to the back then goes for the Super kick until Daniels hits Storm with title & Hernandez goes for a suplex but Hern knee to the face of Aries. A drop kick by Kaz but misses in the corner then nails the border toss on Kaz. Chavo hits the frog splash but Roode distracts the refree & Daniels hits Chavo with title for the DQ

Elimination of BAD

Aries covers Chavo for the elimination.

Elimination of the champions.

Roode & Gunner are in the ring & a spring board double team breaker for a count of 2. Aries slaps Gunner until he is fired up & hits a back breaker to tag in storm but Roode takes Storm off the apron allowing Roode to be the legal man & is all over Gunner. Aries catches a boot &  a clothesline by Gunner. Storm fnally tagged in & Storm throws Aries out of the ring. Storm with right hands & back body drop followed by a kick. Storm with a neck breaker then a Randy Orton DDT on Aries. He tags in Gunner then a DDT by Gunner for a count of 2. Storm is thrown outside the ring allowing Roode to get a suplex wait its blocked & Gunner goes for the torture rack & Aries hits a knee breaker- Back throw. Aries with double drop kick followed by spine buster & Aries hits 450 Splash for a count of 2. Aries can't believe it then he grabs the title but Walks right into a Code Breaker by Storm. A Super Kick by Storm then a Torture Rack by Gunner for the win.

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: Gunner & Storm

Last Knockout Standing Match: Gail Kim Vs. Taryn Terrell
Terrell is all over her until Kim fights back. Its a brawl people, then Gail with a clothesline but Terrell gives one of her own. A neck breaker by Terrell then a suplex. A elbow by Kim then a Head Scissors then gail works the leg of Terrell on the apron. She climbs the top rope & hits a drop kick. Kim grabs a chair but Terrell kicks it out of her hands then forearm shots followed by snap nears. Terrell goes to the top rope but Kim has a still chair & hits a crossbody. Kim slams Terrell leg on the chair then she grabs it & puts it in the turnbuckles. Kim with shots then throws her into the corner but doesn't connect with the chair. Kim locks in a leg submission on the post & gets to her feet before ten. Kim goes for a spear but Terrell moves & Kim runs right into the chair to the outside but gets up at 9 count. Terrell locks in the leg submission on the post. Terrell goes for a spear but goes threw the ropes because Kim moves. They fight on the stage until Terrell goes for a spear but Kim takes her legs from under her. Kim goes for a pile driver but Terrell bull dogs her off the stage Wow! Terrell gets up for the win.

Winner: Terrell

AJ Styles Vs. Kurt Angle
AJ tries to take angle down but then a drop kick after some stalling by Angle. AJ  with an elbow then a forearm in the corner. Angle fights back with a shoulder block then sends AJ  to the apron but AJ  with a spring board drop kick to angle. AJ  works the injured leg on angle then AJ  with kicks to the knee of angle. AJ with right hands but AJ locks in a leg submission. AJ  continues to work the injured leg of angle but angle fights back but is droped by a drop kick. More work on the leg until Angle comes back with a inside out clothesline. Angle with uppercuts & then they trade shots. Angle with a clothesline then a belly to belly for a count of 2. Angle with a angle slam but AJ  blocked it & Angle nails a belly to belly. Angle goes for the ankle lock but blocked & spine buster followed by a spring board moonsult for a count of 2. AJ  with the german suplex for amigos for a count of 2. AJ ties up Angle on the ropes then a spring board splash for a count of 2. AJ  goes to the top rope but Angle goes for a german suplex but AJ falls on his feet then a belly to belly into the corner for a count of 2. AJ fights back with a furry of right hands then AJ  spring baords but is kicked by angle then AJ locks in a leg submission but Angle rolls through & locks in the ankle lock but AJ  gets out with Ax kicks. Angle misses a spear in the corner but AJ  puts Angle in the tree position allowing AJ to drop kick him. AJ hits a suplex then goes to the apron for a spring board 450 splash but missed & Angle rolls him up. Angle goes for the angle slam but blocked then a quick roll up for the Newest TNA HOF.

Winner: Angle

No Holds Barred World Title Match: Bully Ray (c) Vs. Sting
Remember if sting loses then he will never be able to compete for a world title. Main Event Time. Bully Ray does a promo about how he will beat sting with the banned Move Piledriver.

As soon as the announcements are done Sting is all over the champion. Sting with the title on Ray's back then sting continues the beat down. The fight outside the ring but Ray catches him with a knee to the face. Ray takes the title to the back of Sting then puts together some chops on the chest of sting. Ray Sends sting into the steel steps, Ray fights sting then runs into the back to grab a chair. Sting turns it around & Brooke comes out to the stage. Sting sends her back but out of nowhere Ray low blows Sting. Several of chair shots later by Ray then a boot to Sting. Ray hits the pile driver for a count of 2. Ray grabs a table but Sting clotheslines Ray & starts up the 10 punches in the corner but Ray powerbombs him through a table for a count of 2. Ray grabs a Pocket Knife from Taz  & Starts undoing the ring then Sting misses the stinger splashier & Ray hits another Pile Driver on the Expose Ring for a close count of 2. Ray goes for another one but Sting back body drops him. Sting goes for a pile driver but is back body dropped himself. Ray misses the senton off the top rope & Sting hits the scorpion death drop on the expose ring. Aces & Eights come out to make the save. Sting fights them off then When Devon threw the chain for Ray, Sting grabbed it & used it. They start brawling & when Sting comes off the top rope Ray nails him with the hammer for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Sting (c)

Thanks to everyone who checked out the coverage. News & Recaps will be posted on the main news board later. 

  • Ultimate X For The X Division Title Match: Chris Sabin Def Kenny King (c) & Suicide 
  • Samoa Joe, Magnus, Jeff Hardy Def Mr. Anderson, Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff
  • Jay Bradley Def Sam Shaw
  • TV Title Match: Abyss Def Devon (c) 
  • Tag Team 4 Way Title Elimination Match: James Storm & Gunner Def Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c), Bad Influence, Austin Aries & Bobby Roode 
  • Last Knockout Standing Match: Taryn Terrell Def Gail Kim 
  • Kurt Angle Def AJ Styles 
  • No Holds Barred World Title Match: Bully Ray (c) Def Sting

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