* Suicide defeated Chris Sabin and Kenny King to win the X-Division Title after putting his feet on the ropes to steal the pin. Hulk Hogan came out and demanded to know who was under the mask because they found the real Suicide had been jumped in the back. How did they know, since they are both wearing masks? Anyway, this one escaped before we found out who he was.

* In the Gutcheck match, Adam O’Reilly defeated Brian Howl. I think those were their names.

* Sting and Kurt Angle said we would find out who the newest member of the Main Event Mafia was tonight.

* In a BFG series match, Magnus defeated Bobby Roode. Good match.

* TNA Tag champs James Storm and Gunner were interrupted by Robbie E and Jesse Godderz. The Tag champs laid them out.

* TNA Knockouts champ Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky. They did a deal where Sky was overcome with emotion because she didn’t win.

* In a BFG match, Samoa Joe defeated Mr. Anderson. Aces & Eights came out but were held back by Angle and Sting, so Joe is the third guy in the MEM.

* During a promo segment with TNA champ Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray, it was revealed that the fake Suicide was Austin Aries, who now holds the X-Division championship and said he would cash it in at Destination X and win the TNA title from Ray. Nice twist – none of my friends saw that coming.

Here is a second report from Heath Pittmanof of WO:

* Suicide defeated Chris Sabin and Kenny King for the X- Division Title

* Magnus beat Robert Roode clean

* Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky. Then Christy Hemme interviewed Velvet Sky asked her what she thought and she cried. I couldn’t make out what she said and no one seemed to care.

* Samoa Joe defeated Ken Anderson after Aces & 8′s tried to get involved. MEM came for the save and allowed Samoa Joe to get the win. Then Samoa Joe joined the MEM.

* Hogan came out and called Suicide out and demanded him to take his mask off he wouldn’t. Then Bully Ray came out and demanded him to take it off if he was going to cash the belt in for a championship match. Then Suicide took the mic and decided to talk his darkness jiberish and then finally took the mask off to revel he was Austin Aries. Saying he would beat Bully Ray again.

So I guess Austin Aries is the X Division champ and we have a challenger for the title.

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