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We get tonight’s Main Event started with The Wyatt Family.

The Prime Time Players are out next.

Josh Mathews and Alex Riley are on commentary for tonight’s show.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (Wyatt Family) Vs. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil (Prime Time Players) 

Luke Harper and Darren Young start’s the match. Harper quickly grapples Young, and nails an uppercut. Harper starts grading the eyes of Young and slaps the chest of Young. Darren Young fighting back and kicks the leg of Harper allowing Young to make the tag to Titus O’Neil. Young thrown outside the ring, as O’Neil hits the shoulder tackle on Harper and O’Neil starts to bark like a dog. Harper gets to his corner and tags in Erick Rowan for the first time in this match. Rowan attacks O’Neil with punches. O’Neil gets some offense going after being thrown into the corner and gets his leg up and charges back with a clothesline. Young tags in and Titus O’Neil picks Darren Young up and drops him on Rowan. Young charging off the ropes is met with a big boot. Young rolls outside the ring as Harper is now tagged into the match. Harper drives Young’s back into the the ring and uses any part of the outside ring to his advantage. Harper and Young back inside the ring, Harper throws Young back outside the ring after a knockdown. Erick Rowan tags back in and goes into attack mode on Darren Young outside the ring before throwing Young back inside. Bray Wyatt screams “There’s nothing you can do”. Rowan corners Young and tags Luke Harper back inside the ring, Rowan charges and squashes Young in the corner and pulls Young into a clothesline from Harper. Harper gets a two count before we go to commercial break.

Harper springboards Darren Young into the ropes, Rowan tagged in and body slammed Young. Erick Rowan flies with an uppercut into Darren Young. Harper tags in and immediately lands punches across the chest of Darren Young. Harper does the gator roll and locks on a neck hold on Darren Young. Young gets body slammed again. Erick Rowan tags back in and Darren Young pulls the ropes down and he charged at Young and Rowan falls outside the ring. Young crawling to make the tag, but is stopped as Luke Harper tags himself in and makes a quick save. Young hits Harper in the back of the head with a kick and finally tags in Titus O’Neil. O’Neil running off adrenalin hits a huge shoulder drop and a couple of squashes in the corner and scoop slams Harper. Off the two count Harper pushes O’Neil into the corner and Rowan tags in. Harper meets a huge clothesline on O’Neil. Rowan connects on a splash and gets the pin for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Darren Young runs back in the ring but gets knocked right back out immediately by Luke Harper. As Bray Wyatt sets up for his signature Sister Abigail. FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!!!

Alicia Fox Vs. Nikki Bella 
Both Divas lock up but Alicia Fox slams the head of Nikki Bella. Nikki takes control and rolls up for a two count. Alicia Fox rolls outside the ring. Nikki gets a headlock hold on Alicia Fox. And connects on a big clothesline, Nikki falls outside the ring from the top rope after Alicia Fox knocked her off. Alicia Fox with a suplex pin for a one count, both divas roll each other up but kick out easily. Alicia Fox thrown over the shoulder of Nikki and is drop kicked twice. Nikki connects on a bulldog and gets a two count off the pin. Alicia Fox misses the scissors kick as Nikki Bella face plants Alicia Fox for the win.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Both the Bella Twins celebrate as replays of the match are shown.

RAW Rebound showing the events from this past Monday’s RAW surrounding the main event promo with Triple H and Big Show. Exclusive featuring Triple H and Michael Cole discussing Kane’s new job in the WWE.

The Usos are dancing and screaming as they approach and enter the ring.

Their opponents out next are the RETURING Hunico and Camacho who have been out of action for over a year.

Jey & Jimmy Uso (The Usos) Vs. Hunico & Camacho
Match starts slow. Hunico with an armdrag but is followed up by a slap to the face. The Usos tagging in and out several times before Hunico can get to Camacho. (Funny note they are still over a year later convincingly explaining how Camacho saved Hunico’s life) Camacho corners and kicks Jimmy Usos down. Camacho with a bodyslam followed up by a leg drop. Hunico tags in and drives his legs into Jimmy Uso while in the corner. Jey Uso tags in and connects with a kick to the stomach of Hunico. Jey Uso sent off the ropes meets Hunico with more of a tackle than anything else. Another kick to the stomach of Hunico sends him outside the ring. Camacho in the ring now misses Jey Usos and falls outside the ring where Hunico is. Jimmy Uso attempts to go flying through the air, but Hunico and Camacho realize what’s going on and move back just in time.

Camacho pulls the ropes down and Jey Uso goes over them outside the ring. Camacho tagged into the match outside the ring nails a clothesline and drives the back of Jey Uso into the ring. Camacho covers for a one count. Hunico tags in and both men double team Jey uso and slam him. Camacho tags back in and Jey Uso starts fighting back with punches but is met with a huge punch from Camacho. Arm neck hold locked on Jey Uso now as Jey begins to work his way up. Camacho with a power slam, Camacho running gets met with a super kick to the head out of the corner. Both men down and crawling to their corners, Camacho makes the first tag and Hunico knocks Jimmy Uso off the ring before Jey can ever make the tag. Hunico using the ropes and he forces his foot into the head of Jey Uso. Hunico rolls up Jey and immediately picks Jey up and slams him on the mat. Hunico cover and a close two count before Jimmy Uso makes the save. Camacho tags back in and he suplex’s Jimmy. Hunico tags in and covers Jey for two. Jimmy Uso tags in and hits a couple of clotheslines and a kick to the gut of Camacho. Jimmy connects on the Samoan drop and gets a two count before Hunico makes the save. Hunico cowards out of the ring distracting Jimmy as Camacho attacks him from behind. Hunico now tags back into the match. Hunico leap frogs over Camacho missing a Jimmy pushes Camacho shoulder first into the ring post. Jimmy Uso super kicks Hunico. Jey Uso tags in and Jey hits the USOS SPLASH from the top rope!

Winners: The Usos

The Usos celebrate in the ring to end the show.

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