Taped 4/23/13 in London, England.

[Q1] JBL stood in the ring, welcomed the crowd to the show, and said he'd make sure the show started off on fire. He set up footage of Mark Henry attacking Sheamus on Smackdown and Raw from two weeks back. 

JBL introduced Mark Henry, who made his full entrance. JBL put over Henry's assaults on the footage and Henry asked if JBL was making fun of him. JBL backed up a bit and said he was Henry's biggest fan. JBL and Henry discussed how many opponents that Henry should face, and JBL cited Big Show's recent handicap match. 

Henry became perturbed and said he should face three men instead. JBL took it a step further and listed Henry's past accomplishments before saying Henry should take on four men in a gauntlet match and they should do it right now. Henry agreed if they could even find four men that would be willing to take him on. 

Henry prepared for his opponents as the show went to commercial… [C]

1. Mark Henry in a gauntlet match. The Uso brothers made their entrance and Jimmy Uso started off against Henry. Henry wasted no time in flattening the man and hitting the World's Strongest Slam for the pinfall victory…

Mark Henry pinned Jimmy Uso in 0:54 of the gauntlet match.

Jey Uso entered next and met a similar clubbing. Jey slid out of a World's Strongest Slam (WSS) attempt and hit a superkick followed by a wrecking ball for a two count. 

[Q2] Jey attempted to hold Henry down, but Henry threw him off with a flapjack. Henry followed with another WSS to put the second man away…

Mark Henry pinned Jimmy Uso in 3:42 of the gauntlet match.

[C] Santino Marella made his entrance and he attempted to approach Henry only to eat a kick to the gut. Henry tossed Marella around the ring and targeted his midsection throughout the beating.

Marella had a hope spot, but by this point the crowd was chanting "boring" before Fandangoing. Marella hit the Cobra to little reaction, Henry kicked out, and followed with the WSS to put his third man away…

Mark Henry pinned Jimmy Uso in 11:30 of the gauntlet match.

The Great Khali made his entrance as Henry's final opponent. He was followed by Hornswoggle and Natalya… [C]

Khali and Henry jawed for a few moments and a Khali chant started up. Henry battled Khali back into a corner, but Khali turned the tide and delivered a series of slaps to Henry's chest.

[Q3] Khali got his foot caught up on the ropes and Henry kicked his hamstring. Henry stomped on Khali's injured leg and went for a running splash, but Khali was able to roll out of the way. Khali floored Henry after a couple of chops for a near fall. 

Khali set up for the Punjabi Plunge, but Henry countered with a WSS. Khali was down, but he managed to break the count by getting his foot on the rope. Khali came back with another chop, but Henry rolled to the floor. 

Henry elected to walk up the ramp instead of continuing the match... 

The Great Khali prevented Mark Henry from running the gauntlet in 21:53 via countout. 

Khali, Natalya, and Hornswoggle danced in the ring to celebrate…

The announcers set up a recap of Paul Heyman's promo on Raw and subsequent beat down at the hands of Triple H… [C]

The announcers hyped the Extreme Rules Triple Threat match between Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship…

[Q4] Matt Striker stood on the stage and called out Jeb Colter. Colter put over Swagger's chances and took jabs at the crowd. He said "what we obtain cheaply, we value less." Colter mocked Ziggler for bleaching his hair and said that Ziggler is "a man of peculiar and questionable morals."

Colter hyped Swagger taking on Del Rio in a No Disqualification match on Smackdown. Swagger ran out, grabbed the mic, and started chanting "We the People."

The Raw Rebound focused on The Shield attacking Ryback and John Cena intervening before hitting Ryback with an Attitude Adjustment…

JBL and Cole hyped John Cena and Ryback vs. The Shield on Raw… [C]

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