Match 1: Tensai & Brodus Clay (Tons of Funk) Vs. Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre (3MB) – 2 on 3 Handicap match
Heath Slater and Brodus Clay start the matchup off. Slater tricks Brodus and hits a couple of punches and starts screaming 3MB, but Brodus grabs Slater by his hair and then body slams him. Tensai tags in to the match. Jinder Mahal tags in next from 3MB. Mahal is met with the shoulder of Tensai, then Mahal is met with a monkey flip. Tensai taking control of the match tags back in Brodus Clay. Both men meet Jinder Mahal with elbows. Tensai tags back in the match, Mahal sends Sweet Tea off the ropes and connects with a kick dropping Tensai. Drew McIntyre tags into the match and immediately takes down Tensai with his knees. Heath Slater tags back into the match and just nails away with punches and kicks grounding Tensai into a neck hold. Slater thrown over the top rope outside the ring. Slater tags in Mahal once he gets back in the ring and Tensai tags in Brodus Clay. Brodus Clay with a suplex and big splash in the corner. Brodus goes up high and connects with the big splash! A close two count before Drew McIntyre saves the day. Tensai throws McIntyre outside of the ring. Mahal tags in Slater and Brodus seems not to know about it, as Brodus goes for Mahal outside the ring, but is met with a kick from Slater. Heath Slater does a spinning 360 splash over the ropes and connects. Slater covers Clay and this one is over.

Winners: Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, and Jinder Mahal (3MB)

Match 2: Aksana Vs. Tamina Snuka
Tamina with the quick attack and quickly takes control. Aksana pulls Tamina face first on the mat and starts beating away Tamina. Alex Riley keeps mentioning Aksana’s new nickname on commentary “Cat Woman”. tamina with a knee to the face of Aksana allows her to lock on a submission hold. Aksana reverses into a neckbreaker. Both ladies back up and Tamina kicks Aksana right in the shoulder/head area. Tamina pins for the 3 count.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Zack Ryder the Woo Woo Woo kid comes out for his match. NEXT!

Match 3: Big E Langston Vs. Zack Ryder
Ryder trying to get something going with punches, Ryder off the ropes but is met with a huge shoulder drop from Langston. Langston applies the headlock, Ryder starts fighting back, but Langston puts the headlock back on. Ryder finally gets a leg kick to connect. Ryder with a big punch to the face of Langston followed up with a dropkick. Langston rolls outside the ring, Ryder sends his feet flying into Langston who was attempting to get back in the ring. Ryder throws up the LI symbols as we head to commercial.

Ryder has a ground reversal hold locked on, but Big E powers back and starts abusing Ryder in the corner driving his shoulder into the stomach of Ryder. Langston gets a hold around the ribs of Ryder, Ryder starts fighting back with elbows and punches and finally looks like he gets out is picked up and hit with a belly to belly suplex. Langston attempts the splash, but Ryder rolls out of the way. Langston day zed as Ryder goes up high and nails a flying drop kick. Ryder connects on the Broski Boot! Langston rolls outside the ring and Ryder follows him. Langston picks Ryder up and drives him into the barricade and then throws Ryder into the ring ropes following it all up with a clothesline. Big E Langston rolled up by Ryder but kicks out at two. Langston now in the corner as Ryder connects two flying elbows before Langston catches Ryder and slams him down hard on the mat. Big E off the ropes nails Ryder with his whole body. Langston picks Ryder up and connects on the Big Ending.

Winner: Big E Langston

(The first two matches weren’t very good and were really short for the average match length that Main Event usually produces. Out of all the Main Event episodes this is probably the worst one. Too many recaps and bad short matches. However Langston Vs. Ryder impressed and was a hard hitting match. PLEASE leave your comments below I’d like to know what your thinkin’! You can follow me on Twitter @13rogersC)

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