First off I had some cable issues that didn't pick up until the first match. 

Sum of the the opening segment. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring. They make the first match of the night. Big Show comes on the big screen & says that he suing The WWE for millions for the left money on his contract. They tell each other to shut up & they turn the big screen off. Triple H makes the following match.

Dean Ambrose Vs. Daniel Bryan
Back & forth action until Ambrose took over. He works the neck. A big suplex for a count of 2. Bryan botches a move but comes back with a snap suplex then a drop kick off the top rope but Ambrose rolls out of the match & Bryan catches him with a baseball slide. Bryan misses the flying knee & Ambrose clotheslines him into commercial. Back from break with Ambrose having Bryan in a headlock but he fights out. He comes off the ropes to only catch a knee to the ribs. Ambrose with right hands & drop kick for a count of 2. Ambrose with another headlock but Bryan fights out until Ambrose back suplex him. Ambrose stays in control until Bryan gets Ambrose in an awesome leg submission but Ambrose racks the eyes to get out of it. Ambrose with right hands on the apron but Bryan fights back with right hands followed by an attempt drop kick off the top rope. Ambrose with a suplex off the top rope for a count of 2. Ambrose with a headlock but for the 5th time Bryan fights out with a back slide for 2. Double cross body by both me leading them to get up before the count of ten. They exchange right hands, Bryan with a flying clothesline. Bryan hits the drop kick in the corner followed by a hurricanronna off the top rope for 2. Bryan with a kick to the chest then an attempt DDT but blocked & nails a spine buster for 2. Ambrose is sent to the floor & Bryan hits a suicide dive to the outside. He comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick. Bryan with several kicks but misses the head kick & Ambrose rolls him up but Bryan reverses it with a fast Yes Lock! For the win. 

Winner: Daniel Bryan. 

CM Punk comes out with a microphone yes a microphone. He says that the Hell in a Cell defines a legacy & he will make Ryback pay. He adds that Heyman thinks that Ryback can save Paul Heyman & he is wrong. CM Punk says that that this will not be a wrestling match but rather to put Ryback to sleep & smash Paul Heymans face into the steel over & over. CM Punk says that the best in the world will walk out of the cage with revenge.

Triple H, Vickie Guerrero has a backstage segment about her not screwing it up (running things) they walk into Triple H office. Shawn Michaels is in there & Shawn says he is there for them. Shawn asks that they don’t think Daniel Bryan can be champion & Triple H gives his opinion in no. Shawn says they said Him (Shawn) & Triple said the same thing. Stephanie says that things have changed around here & Shawn says he hasn't grown up.

Santino Marella (Dressed as Elvis) Vs.  Health Slater
Early on comedy stuff until Health catches him during his walk. Health beats him down for most of the match until Marella comes back with a arm toss followed by a falling head butt. Marella hits the cobra but blocked with a right hand. Slater comes off the top rope but Marella kicks up & nails the cobra for the win.

Winner: Marella

They show a vote for WWE 2K14 about Cm Punk Vs. The Undertaker match for WrestleMania 29.

Randy Orton Vs. Dolph Ziggler 
A bit of a slow start with Orton going in & out of the ring until he kicks him in the ribs then throws him out of the ring. He bounces him off the barricade then a clothesline. Randy goes for the DDT off the apron but Ziggler blocks & rams him into the barricade. Ziggler misses a move & Orton gets him back in the ring. Orton works the arm for a bit. The crowd gets behind Ziggler & he fights back with right hands. Ziggler gets thrown into the corner but fires out with a clothesline for 2. Ziggler misses right hand & Orton nails a back breaker for 2. Orton locks  an arm submission but here comes Ziggie. He hits a chin breaker then a big clothesline. A neck breaker then an elbow for 2. Ziggler goes for the fame Asser but blocked. Ziggler uses the ropes followed by the fame Asser for 2. Randy throws him on the apron & hits the second rope DDT. Randy goes for the RKO but eats a drop kick for 2. Ziggler goes for the zig Zag but blocked & hits the RKO for the win. 

Winner: Randy Orton

John Cena Injury video package is shown again.

Bella Twins Vs. AJ Lee & Tamina
Tamina is on the attack first until the twins hit a double drop kick. Back & forth we go until Tamina takes control after dumping one of them outside the ring. Bella comes back with a hot tag. She comes off the top with a drop kick for 2. Brie Bella hits a face buster for the win. 

Winner: Bella Twins 

Video package of Daniel Bryan – Shawn Michael’s history. 

Wyatt Family Vs. The Miz & Kofi Kingston
Harper on the attack first but here comes the miz but Harper catches him with a knee for 2. Wyatt family with basic tag team wrestling controls the action until Miz fights back with kicks allowing Kingston to get the hot tag. Kofi with a spring board move then a drop kick. Kofi with a head take down. Kofi with a twisting cross body but Rowan makes the save. He is sent to the floor & Kofi rolls Harper up but when Rowan gets on the apron & distracts Kofi Harper with a very impressive clothesline for the win. 

Winners: Wyatt Family

After the match they beat down Kofi & Miz. Bray gets on the microphone & says does Miz believe in life after death. Follow the buzzards. 

2-1 Handicap Match: Curtis Axel Vs. Big E. Langston 

Langston attacks Axel first then it turns into a big brawl leading to the outside. Langston fights back but Heyman tries to hit him with a kendo stick but doesn’t work. Cm Punk comes out with a Kendo Stick of his own to make the save. Vickie Guerrero comes out to make a tag team match. 

Big E. Langston & Cm Punk Vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback
Ryback is in control first with a power slam & tags in the champion with an elbow off the top rope. He locks in a headlock. Punk fights back with a spring board cross body for 2. Not for long as Ryback is tagged in off a splash. Ryback goes for a suplex but is rolled up for 2. Ryback gets things back in his corner off a big boot. Ryback goes for another suplex but it’s blocked & Punk nails a big kick. Langston gets the hot tag & clears house. Langston with a big tackle then finishes it off with his finisher for the win.

The Real American Vs. Tons Of Funk
Swagger is all over Tensi at first then works the left knee. Swagger nails a stiff back suplex followed by a swagger bomb then a Cesaro double stomp. Tensi gets the hot tag off the back drop. Clay with a series of head butts. Cesaro catches him with an uppercut & then the giant swing. Swagger takes out Tensi & finishes it off with the ankle lock. 

Winners: Real Americans

After the match Zeb brings a whip out for the bull & says We The People! 

Video Package of John Cena’s Career highlights are shown. 

The Shield Vs. The Uso’s With Tag Champions On Commentary
Quick start to the match then Usos takes out Rollins to the outside. Uso hits a big outside dive onto Rollins. Back in the ring the shield takes over. Reigns gets the tag & lands a big elbow for 2. Reigns miss an elbow & the Yso gets a tag followed by a double team elbow. Uso with a uppercut then a clotheslines for 2. Another tag with a double team arm attack but Reigns brings Uso into the corner. The Shield takes control of the match until Uso hits a spike DDT. The other Uso gets the hot tag & clears house. Uso with a cross body for 2. Uso with a kick followed by a uppercut & takes out Rollins to the outside. Uso with a shoulder block. Uso goes for a corner move but Reigns catches him with a big clothesline for 2. Uso with a mid-air samoa drop but sent outside. Reigns hits the suplex on the legal Uso. Reigns misses a spear in the corner & eats a super kick. Uso goes up top but Reigns puts his knee’s up on the splash. Dean Amrbose starts fighting with the Rhodes Brothers. The Uso’s join the fight & the referee rings for the bell. The Uso’s & Rhodes Brothers stand tall. 

Match ends in a no contest.

Contract Signing time, (Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan & Shawn Michaels with The McMahons) are out there. Randy says that after this Sunday’s beating he gives him that Bryan will not be getting up. He gives his track record of his Hell in a Cell matches. He says that this match will be Bryan’s last & signs. Daniel Bryan says he will win the title this Sunday & signs. Triple H says list guys that those guys were popular & were the face of the WWE then they would be working for ted turner. Daniel Bryan calls out Triple for a match but Triple H says he is out of his mind. Triple H says if he got back in the ring it would be a star. Triple H says that Daniel Bryan isn’t a star. Triple H says that Shawn should have never wasted his time on Bryan. Shawn sticks up for Bryan & says that he is very good. Shawn asked what happened to Triple H? Shawn says that he will give the fans what they want but Randy says Shawn is against him. Triple H fires back with Shawn will do what’s right. Shawn asks Triple H is the reason he is so against Bryan that the face that Bryan provide him wrong. Orton says he will take Bryan to hell & they square off. A semi-truck with big show drives it next to the stage. He gets out pointing up saying yes & Bryan hits a flying knee to lay out Orton. He goes to the stage & gets in the truck to end raw.

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