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We get a recap video of last night elimination chamber ppv.

John Cena comes out & does a promo about WrestleMania. He says that it is on the road to mania. He says he will face the rock at WrestleMania then Cm Punk cuts him off. Punk says cena is taking the easy way out by facing the rock. Punk says he had the rock beat. He says cena has never beaten punk. Cena says he won the rumble & earned his title shot. Punk says cena can’t beat the rock. Punk says walk away & get out of punks way. Cena thinks about it then says They will have a match. Cena loses then punk will face the rock at WrestleMania 29. Punk says cena made a stupidest mistake. Punk says they will do it next week & he leaves. Cena agrees to it.

Sheamus does a backstage interview about getting beat by the shield & ryback keeps pacing back & forth. Jericho calms them down & says they need to save the company from the shield. He says he can make a 6 man tag match tonight.

Mark Henry vs. Sin Cara

Cara starts with kicks but henry head butts him & throws him him in the corner. Mark throws him down, steps on him. He throws him in the corner then lands a splash. Cara kicks him in the head but mark lifts him up & power slams him. Mark hits the world’s strongest slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match mark attacks him & then Great Khalil comes out to make the save. As soon as Khalil gets in the ring, mark henry leaves.

The Miz Vs Antonio Cesaro

The Miz goes aggressive, wailing on Cesaro with rights and lefts. Cesaro retreats out of the ring. Miz follow, but Cesaro slams his bad shoulder into the ringside barrier. He throws Miz back in, then fetches some steel chairs and a kendo stick,  Cesaro cracks Miz in the shoulder with the stick for a two count. He continues driving the kendo stick into Miz’s bad shoulder. He sets up a steel chair in the corner, but Miz gets back up and hits some weak punches. Cesaro drives the stick into his face for a near fall. Cesaro sets up a chair in the middle of the ring as well. He drives Miz into the chair in the corner, bad shoulder first. Cesaro sets up what looks like a low blow, but Miz counters out with a kick. Miz fights back, and trips Cesaro onto the chair, face first and Miz locks in the Figure Four. Cesaro taps!

Winner: The Miz

Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger does a segment about the kids in the U. S.

Kane & Daniel Bryan do a backstage segment about Bryan not coming out to his match. Randy Orton comes in & kane says he hates snake (me 2) Orton says kane is like barney.

Paul Heyman & Vickie Guerrero do a backstage segment about Cm Punk losing the WWE title match. She says she has announcement that will change His career.

Dolp Ziggler Vs Alberto Del Rio

DZ hits a drop kick then several punches until ADR kicks him in the ribs. DZ gets thrown to the apron but ADR hits the enziguri. Back from break with Dolp all over ADR, DZ hits a drop kick for a count of 2. DZ uses the ropes on ADR, Big E. Langston does a cheap shot which allows Dolp to get a pin attempt for a count of 2 then locks in a headlock. ADR fights out of it with punches but DZ knee’s him in the ribs then hits a face smasher for a count of 2. DZ climbs to the top rope but ADR knocks him down. ADR kicks to the back then hits a back reverse face first suplex. They trade shots until ADR hits some clothesline, back breaker & super kick for a count of 2. ADR motions for the Arm bar & goes for it but DZ hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. ADR attacks the back after a exchange then hits a back stabber but Dolp grabs the ropes. Big E gets up on the ropes but ADR knocks him off then locks in the arm bar for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Big E. Attacks the Champion then lays him out with his slam.

Dolp grabs the Money in the bank briefcase but Ricardo takes it but drops it. Aj brings it back but ADR hits the Enziguri to lay out Ziggler. Close but no cash in.

Wade Barrett was about to do a promo but sheamus interrupts him & makes fun of wade about a movie. They end that segment for some new toy?

Mixed Tag Match: Brodus Clay & Tensai & Naomi vs. The Colons & Rosa Mendes
Naomi starts with a nice takedown of Rosa and even hits a headscissors on Epico. Primo tags in, and Tensai in as well. Tensai drops Primo, then hits a big elbow, after which Epico breaks up the cover. Cameron baseball slides and takes out both Epico and Rosa. Tensai tags in Brodus, they hit the double headbutt and hits the double Splat for the win.

Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter do a state of the union address. Zeb says Jack Swagger will be world champion for we the people. Daniel Bryan comes out for his match.

Jack Swagger Vs Daniel Bryan

Starts from the break with them doing some basic wrestling but DB is getting the better out of the exchange with the kicks to the leg but then DB rolls him up for a count of 2. Jack gets thrown head first into the turn buckle then DB kicks the back of swagger legs for a count of 2. DB works the arm then Swagger clothesline DB out of the ring. DB hits a drop kick then misses a dive. Swagger slams DB into the barricade for a count of 2. Swagger kicks the injured ribs of DB then a couple of knees followed by a huge toss. Swagger hits a running knee to the ribs of Daniel. Swagger locks in a arm submission but DB fights out of it but then swagger hits the swagger bomb for a count of 2. Swagger runs into an elbow, kick then DB starts to fight back & hits a forearm. Swagger gets thrown to the outside & hits a suicide dive to the outside. DB goes up top & hits a missile drop kick for a count of 2.  DB starts up with several kicks but Swagger catches the last one & turning it into a slam. Out of nowhere Bryan puts in the No Lock but Swagger gets the ropes. DB misses a drop kick in the corner allowing Swagger to find an opening & go after the injured leg. Swagger chop blocks the knee of Bryan. Swagger locks in the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Vickie Guerrero & Paul Heyman is in the ring, She names her assistant is Brad Maddox. He comes out & says he has the opportunity of a life time. Heyman says he is leaving. Vince McMahon comes on the titantron & heyman kisses Vince ass pretty much. Vince says he doesn’t have a heart & shows some footage of last week when heyman says he would do anything for Vince. Vince says he could fire Heyman but it would be to easy. Vince says he will be there next week & there going to have a fight.

The Shield Vs Chris Jericho, Sheamus & Ryback

Ryback and Rollins start out. Ryback lifts Rollins into his corner for some shoulder thrusts. Jericho tries to get Ryback under control. AMbrose and Jericho tag in, Jericho with an elbow and a suplex for two. Ambrose reverses a whip, but Jericho gets a boot up and hits a missile dropkick for two. Ambrose stops Jericho with an elbow to the chops. Reigns and Sheamus tag in, and the two big men square off. Sheamus unloads on Reigns with rights, but Reigns backs him into the corner. SHeamus with a whip, Reigns counters with a big kick. He charges Reigns into the corner, hits the high knee, then White Noise! Sheamus preps for the Brogue Kick, but Rollins pulls Reigns out. SHEAMUS NAILS AMBROSE WITH THE BROGUE!. Back from break with Reigns with a chinlock on Sheamus. The Irishman fights out, but Reigns with right hands. Rollins tags in, and he hits a running dropkick for a two count on Sheamus. Rollins with the front headlock on Sheamus. He’s driven to the corner, where Rollins delivers some boots. Reigns tags in, charges, but Sheamus gets a boot up, and hits a big clothesline. RYBACK TAGS IN! Spinebuster to Rollins! Meathook connects! FINISH IT! Shell-shock, ref’s distracted…SPEAR BY REIGNS For a count of 2. Ambrose beats Ryback down, and drives him into the corner, raking Ryback’s face with his elbow. Nasty-looking, that. Reigns in, and chokes Ryback on the ropes. Rollins in with a stiff boot to Ryback’s face for a near fall. Ambrose tags in, and hits a nice falling neckbreaker for two. Reigns in, and misses another charge! And…HERE COMES Y2J! Clothesline to Ambrose! Dropkick to Rollins! Bulldog to Ambrose, Lionsault count of 2. Reigns and Sheamus go wailing on one another! Ambrose reverses a whip, Jericho rolls through…WALLS OF JERICHO IS IN ON AMBROSE! Reigns gets cut off by Sheamus…ROLLINS HITS A SPRINGBOARD KNEE TO JERICHO. Y2J is out cold as Ambrose covers and gets the win.

Winners: The Shield

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow

DS attacks Kofi then they start to brawl. DS throws kofi shoulder first into the post. In the middle of the match R Truth comes down & attacks Sandow. Im guessing this wasn’t a official match, I didn’t hear any bell ring.

Randy Orton Vs Kane

They lock up, orton into a headlock but kane hits a shoulder block. Randy works the arm of kane then kicks him in the face. Orton clubs the chest of kane then gets upper cutted off the top rope. Back from break with Kane all over orton, he throws him in the corner but orton fights back. They trade punches but kane hits a DDT for a count of 2. Kane puts in a choke but orton fights out of it. Kane throws him in the corner but orton moves & lands a clothesline. Orton with 10 right hands & a drop kick. Randy picks kane apart with kicks then kane lands a uppercut for a count of 2. Kane hits a boot for a count of 2. Kane locks in a headlock but orton fights out of it. Orton with several punches then a scope slam but kane hits a side walk slam for a count of 2. Kane goes up top but misses a clothesline & orton hits the DDT off the apron but kane blocks it. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring & it distracts kane which allows Randy to hit the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

The Lafayette Marching band comes out to play for a bit then the rock comes out. The rock says he beat cm punk back to back. He says he is going to wrestlemania as champion but not with the current title. He makes fun of the current one & says it should never spin. He names off the great superstars of the past. He introduces a new WWE Championship. It has a big WWE Logo with diamonds & Bull logo on the side plates. Honestly if you look at it, it looks old school & at first I didn’t like it just sitting there but once it was on his shoulder pretty cool looking. John Cena comes out to the stage but Cm Punk attacks Cena from behind with the Old WWE Title. Punk & the Rock stare off to end the show.

We will have a picture of what the title looks like on the main news board.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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