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We get a Paul Bearer tribute video which was cool.

The Undertaker comes out to the ring with a Urn in the middle of it & he does his famous pose with a picture of His late manager Paul Bearer on the screen. Cm Punk comes out to rudely interrupt him. Punk says he wanted to apologize for the undertakers lost at Wrestlemania 29. Punk says taker will be 20-1 at mania. He says the night after raw will air video of punk ending the streak. They stare at each other to end the segment.

AR’s Truth: A good way to show respect for Bearer & got undertaker on raw without giving away too much. Punk’s promo was straight forward & simple.

Big Show Vs Seth Rollins
They go at it with Big show getting the majority of the offense then Ambrose & reigns jump him. They all attack him but he fights them off until reigns spears him & lay him out with a triple powerbomb.

Winner By DQ: Big Show

AR’s Truth: A short match until the DQ then the shield got some power back with laying out a former world champion.  Big S looked scared & was spiting the entire time. 2 short to even grade.

Cm Punk does a backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero about the undertaker at WrestleMania which makes a match with kane in A No DQ Match for later in the show.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Dolp Ziggler
They lock up with DZ working the arm of DB but DB fights out with a throw then he works the arm of Dolp. DB hits a shoulder block then a takedown into a leg submission which goes to a pin attempt. DB with a upper cut but dolp drop kicks him for a count of 2. Dolp throws him in the corner, throws some right hands but DB throws him in the corner & starts up with kicks. Irish wipe in the corner followed by a drop kick for a count of 2. DB works the arm some more, He stomps the elbow. Dolp kicks him but DB throws DZ out of the ring the hard way then when DB goes for a suicide dive but Big E gets on the apron to stop him. Back from break with Dolp in corner with a headlock but DB gets out of it with punches. Dolp goes for a drop kick but is caught & thrown headfirst into the corner. DB starts up with kicks then hits a running clothesline. dB runs into the corner & ends up with DZ boot in his face. A roll up by DB for a count of 2. They trade shots then DB kicks the chest of DZ several times & ends with the head kick for a count of 2. DB Goes to the top rope but Dolp knocks him down then goes for something but Daniel knocks him down crouch first. Db behind him & hits a super suplex but Dolp moves in midair into a cross body for a count of 2. They trade shots but DB gets hung up on the ropes allowing Dolp to hits the face planter for a count of 2. Dolp starts with a fury of elbows allowing DB to lock in the No lock. AJ distracts the referee allowing Big E to drag the leg of Ziggler. Big E Distracts Db when Ziggler rolls him up for a count of 2. DB puts in the no lock but Ziggler gets out of it. DB misses the big kick which Ziggler Nails the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolp Ziggler

After the match Big E Lays out Bryan.

AR’s Truth: A very good back & forth action match that made Ziggler finally get a win. The interference made Bryan still look good so it didn’t hurt him in anyway. I would rather see a 20 minute match with these two rather than a 10 minute match with Bryan Vs Kane. Good 3.5-5*

We get a video package hyping up Brock Lesnar announcer about a WrestleMania match with HHH.

Tensi calls out Fandango but when Fandango comes out he says when they get his name right he will. He starts talking to one of Brodus clay Dancers but Tensi interrupts him. Fandango says tensi ruined a match with him.

We get a GI Joe Trailer.

Team Road Scholars do a funny remake of the intro of New Age Outlaws.

New Age Outlaws Vs. Team Road Scholars
Road Dog & Cody starts things off, they tie up with dog working the arm but Cody beats him down. RG hits the right & the lefts followed by a right hand for Damien. Cr hits the disaster kick then Brock Lesnar comes out in the middle of the match. Billy Gunn attempts to beat him down but takes a F5 for his troubles. Lesnar does the same thing on Road Dog. Paul Heyman gets on the microphone & Address HHH Statement. He list that Lesnar Broke Shawn Michaels Arm, Broke Vince McMahon hip then Lesnar laying out New Age Outlaws. Heyman says Lesnar will fight HHH at Wrestlemania but only when HHH signs the contract but he won’t know the stipulation Lesnar picks the match.

New Age Outlaws Def Team Road Scholars Via DQ

AR’s Truth: Not getting in the meat & potatoes of the match because of Lesnar laid them out. I wish they had more time just because im a mark for the new age outlaws. The promo by Heyman was good as always & the unknown of what kind of match makes it interesting. They could have Outlaws Vs scholars at a later time raw most likely but would be cool if it was a mania match which I strongly don’t believe it will happen.

Mark Henry Vs Kofi Kingston
They start brawling until henry elbows him in the face followed by a splash in the corner. Henry locks in a bear hug but Kofi fights out until henry backs kofi in the corner then lifts him but Kofi gets off & eats a knee which sends Kofi out of the ring. Mark runs but Kofi moves with sends Mark face first into the ring post. Kofi fly’s off the ring steps & knocks him down. Back in the ring with kofi coming off the top rope for a cross body but is caught & Henry ends it with a World’s strongest slam.

Winner: Mark Henry

Cody Rhodes talks to Kaitlin then Damien Sandow says they have a Double Date & then the Bella Twins walk into the arms. Vickie makes a match with Team Roads Scholars Vs Randy Orton & Sheamus.

AR’s Truth: A decent match with kofi getting some offense & I was afraid it was just a job match for Kingston but with the offense he got I don’t think it hurts him too much. He does need some wins though. Decent 2-5* Match

Ryback Vs Heath Slater
Killing time!! Before the match he comes on the stage which distracts ryback allowing heath to jump on him. Ryback hits a lift slam then a shoulder block. Ryback hits the meat hook followed by shell shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback

After the match the rest of 3mb jumps him but Drew McIntyre eats a shell shock. Mark henry comes in the ring which hits a world’s strongest slam on drew then Ryback hits another shell shock & there in a contest. Henry hits another world’s strongest slam then they have a staring contest.

AR’s Truth: A Job match that sets up the i can out one you contest between Ryback & henry. There setting up a match with these two for mania. Job 1-5* Match

Alberto Del Rio VS Antonio Cesaro
They went back & forth until ADR hit a super kick for a count of 2. AC caught Del Rio with a uppercut when ADR came off the top rope then ADR locks in the arm bar for the win.

Winner: ADR

AR’S Truth: I feel like we see this match way too much. Can We switch it up A little? Didn’t miss much 1.5-5* match.

Kane holds the URN & Josh Matthews attempts to say something but just can’t & walks away.

We get a pretty cool video package going through John cena’s 2012 year & how we got to the match at wrestlemania between the rock Vs Cena 2.

Randy Orton & Sheamus VS Team Road Scholars
Sandow and Orton start it out. Orton floars under and over Sandow, drilling him with an elbow, then a suplex for a two count. Sheamus tagged in, and a double team whip into a shoulder block for a two count. Sandow backs Sheamus into his corner, and Cody tags in with some boots to Sheamus, who quickly fires back with a clothesline and a Finlay Roll for two. Sheamus tries to pull the mustache off Cody. Hands off the Love-Stache, dude! Sandow low bridges Sheamus and nails a clothesline on the outside. Sheamus is rolled back in, and Sandow tags in. He puts the boots to Sheamus before Cody tags back in with some boots of his own and a chin lock. Sheamus fights out with a big clothesline.Randy gets the hot tag, and fires off with the clotheslines and a snap powerslam. Orton hits his newly-minted T-Bone suplex for a two count. Snakebite DDT attempt, but Sandow pulls Rhodes out of the ring. Orton follows, but gets double teamed by the Scholars. Rhodes tosses Orton back in. Sandow tags in for the leg sweep,which gets a two count. Cody tags in with some boots, then a gourdbuster suplex gets a near fall for Rhodes. He goes up top, but Orton halts him and hits a nice superplex. Both men make the tag. Sheamus with the Irish Hammers and a shoulder. Knee lift to Sandow, and now we go a clubberin’! Sandow hip tossed back in then hit White Noise on Sandow. Sheamus fires up for the Brogue Kick…Cody tries to stop him, but runs into a RKO. Brogue Kick to Sandow for the win.

Winners: Orton & Sheamus

AR’s Truth: A solid win for orton & Sheamus. Other than that a typical WWE Tag Match. 2-5* match

They show a video that was on Raw Active that showed the shield attacking Randy Orton & Sheamus.

Chris Jericho comes out for Highlight Reel with his special guest The Miz. We get a clip of the marine 3 then The Miz comes out. They talk about miz new movie but then Wade Barrett comes out to interrupts them. Wade talks about how many offers he got for movie to star in. They go back & forth then Wade says he is going to drop Jericho. Jericho wants to fight but then Brad Maddox comes out & talks to them like there 3 years old. He makes a match for the next week for the intercontential title & who faces wade has to win this next match.

AR’s Truth: Decent stuff by Wade, Miz & Chris. I didn’t even mind Maddox promo because it was his gimmick. Cole & Lawler talking over him didn’t make it any better but that’s because he has Vince or a producer telling them to say it.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz
Back from break with CJ in control & hitting a back suplex. CJ locks in a headlock but miz gets out of it with elbows. Miz throws Cj in the corner but CJ puts a boot up. CJ fights back with shots then shoulder blocks. He goes to the top rope with a double handle but ate a boot for a count of 2. CJ starts up with chop but miz goes for a neck breaker but kicked then CJ hits a bull dog. Cj goes for lion sal but miz puts up knee’s. Miz goes for code breaker but CJ blocks it & goes for walls. Miz gets out & kicks the knee then goes for figure four lock. Cj gets out of it then goes for one of his own. A quick roll up by miz for a count of 2. CJ Locks in the walls of Jericho but miz gets to the ropes. Miz slides to the outside of the ring & they fight but miz gets thrown into wade who is on commentary. Wade gets mad & attacks both guys. They fight back & CJ ends up baseball sliding him into the announce table. Miz hits the scull crushing final & CJ hits the code breaker to lay him out.

Jericho Vs Miz goes to a No Contest

We get a funny video package of Ricardo & Alberto Del Rio Making fun of  Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger.

AR’s Truth: A good back & forth match.  It looks like a way for next week’s raws title match. Maybe at Mania hopefully. Good 3-5* Match.

Jack Swagger VS Sin Cara
Before the match Zeb does a promo about Del Rio & changing America. Now to the match they go at it with cara kicking him then a spring board elbow. Cara throws swagger out of the ring then a spring board cross body to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring with JS getting kicked in the face then cara does a flip but caught & then he out runs JS. Cara spring board but catches a boot. JS works the ankle of cara then he locks in the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match Swagger doesn’t let go of the ankle lock until ADR makes the save who puts in the arm bar to make a statement.

AR’s Truth: The ongoing feud with these two is getting better & I think it has to do with Zeb doing all the promos for jack. Mangers really get involved which is good.

We get a video package with Haley Berry talking to David Otunga , Kane to promote her new movie.

No DQ Match: Kane Vs Cm Punk
Kane walks to the ring with the urn which is cool & respectfully. As soon as kane gets to the apron punk hits a sucside dive then kicks, punches kane down. Kane uppercuts him then some knee’s followed by thrown into the ring barricade & Ring post. Kane lifts punk onto the barricade then over it. Kane gets the announce table ready for business but punk take the ring bell to the ribs of kane. Punk hits a double handle off the barricade but kane gives a ring bell shot of his own. Kane throws the table raw cover on punk then a couple elbows. Kane puts punk in the corner but punk pushes kane off  & nails the elbow drop for a count of 2. Punk starts up some kicks then while kane is in the corner, punk nails the knee twice but kane blocks the bull dog & throws him over the ropes. Back from break with punk kicking kane in the face then a clothesline for a count of 2. Punk gets thrown into the chair which was in the corner. Kane clothesline him three times followed by side walk slam then throws him over the top rope. Kane sends punk into the barricade. Kane sends several chairs into the ring & back in there we go. Kane has a chair & goes for a chokeslam but countered with a DDT on a steel Chair for a close count of 3. Punk has a chair & runs it into the ribs & back of kane. Punk mocks the undertaker but kane goes for chokeslam but punk kicks him in the head. A bell goes off which distract Punk allowing Kane to hit the chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane

The undertaker comes out after the match & both men do the famous pose with Bearers picture on the screen. Punk attacks kane with the urn but when taker comes in the ring he leaves to end the show.

AR's Truth: A good back & forth action 3-5* match. Usually WWE has a hard time filling 3 hours on a weekly bases but this week we got a commercial on the over run? was that extra match necessary ? Anyways Undertaker costing punk the match made sense to build there feud up. Expect at least one more Kane vs punk match on tv. Punk still needs heat & he could get it more from kane than anyone. Punk nailing kane in the back of kane's head with the URN was a great way. 

Overall this was a decent show that had a smackdown feel with all the matches. I believe there was 11 - 12 matches on the show & the only big segment was Lesnar accepting HHH challenge. Undertaker helped but he didn't give to much except the feel of the show. Hopefully next week will be better because at that time we have 3 weeks left until mania. 

Overall show rating: 6.5-10* 

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