Raw starts without any video packages but just more importantly its Daniel Bryan. He faces Wade Barrett.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Wade Barrett With Special Guest Referee Brad Maddox
They lock up with a basic wrestling then a drop kick by Bryan but Barrett battles back with right hands. Barrett throws him out of the ring, He goes to get out but Bryan pulls him out then works the leg on the apron. Bryan with kicks to the leg, He works the left leg for a bit. Barrett goes to the outside but Bryan drop kicks him but misses a flying knee & Barrett hits a big boot. He sends Bryan into the barricade & back in the ring. Barrett with right hands in the corner, He puts him stomach first on the apron & clubs his back then a knee to the ribs to bounce DB to the outside. Barrett bounces DB head off the announce table then sends him to the steel steps. Back in the ring, Bryan fights back with right hands but caught with a knee to the ribs & a snap-nare headlock by Barrett. Bryan fights out but when sent to the corner he reverses it. Bran clotheslines him outside the ring then hits a suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Bryan comes off the top rope with a drop kick then starts up the several kicks but misses the head kick & Barrett rolls him up for a quick 3 count. Bryan is pissed then backs Maddox in the corner & goes to attack him but Madoox rolls out of the ring.

Winner: Barrett

Randy Orton Vs. Damien Sandow
FYI Cody Rhodes is on commentary heads up! plus Sandow handcuffs his MITB Briefcase. A lock up then some more basic wrestling, Orton with an elbow followed by an uppercut. Right hands in the corner by Orton then ten of them. Orton runs into a boot as Sandow works the midsection & a suplex but its blocked as Orton hits one of his own for the 2 count. They trade punches then suplex by Orton. Randy with a headlock then a back suplex by Sandow. Damien is throw to the apron & Orton hits a drop kick to knock him off into commercial. Back from break with Sandow in full control then kicks Sandow in the face then sends him to the outside. Back in the ring with Sandow putting the boots to him. Sandow continues to be in control of the match until Cody Rhodes messes with the Briefcase & orton hits the RKO off the distraction for the win.

Winner: Orton

Cm Punk Does a backstage interview

Big E. Langston & AJ Lee  Vs. Great Khail & Natalya
AJ slaps Khail then the women start things off with Natalya & AJ. AJ with a big elbow then remains in control but Natalya fights back but not for long as AJ hits her with a knee. AJ tries to kick Hornswoggle & Natalya off the distraction & locks in the sharpshooter & AJ taps but the Referee doesn't see it & Natalya locks it in again for the win. Botched move.

Winner: Great Khail & Natalya

After the match Big E. Langston attacks Khail but Khail lays him out with the chop.

MR. McMahon comes to the ring & talks about Bryan Vs. Barrett match, He brings out Brad Maddox & He ask Maddox why he put himself as the referee in the match. Maddox says he needed to control the match & said he was excited as a reason for the fast count. Brad asked for a second chance & he wants to be Referee for the WWE Title match. Vince ask him common sense questions then says He will be the referee but HHH comes to the ring. HHH says there is a lot riding on the WWE Title Match & he agree's that someone needs to be straight forward as referee but its not Maddox but more likely him. He pedigree's Maddox then Vince walks out.

Kane Vs. Titus O'Neil 
Kane with right hands then a elbow. Kane with a suplex followed by a drop kick for a count of 2. O'Neil fights back with right hands but walks into a big boot. Kane throws him in the corner for clotheslines then a side walk slam. Kane nails the chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane

The Wyatt Family comes out but when they go attack him Kane is on the stage & has the fire come out the ring post. 

The Bella Twins have a interview segment about Natalya slapping Brie in the face, Natalya Vs. Brie at Summerslam.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kofi Kingston 
Del Rio starts the match with several kicks to beat him down. Kofi fights back with a elbow for a count of 1. Kofi with a ten punches in the corner, Kofi with a uppercut for a count fo 2. Kofi goes for a move off the top rope but its blocked by Del Rio then a kick to the face of Kofi. Both men on the top rope for a front flip DDT for a count of 2. Del Rio locks in a headlock but Kofi fights back with a drop kick but Blocked & Del Rio with a double stomp of his own. Del Rio runs into a elbow & some forearm shots. Finally with a drop kick followed up with the boom drop. He goes for trouble in paradise but blocked & Del Rio with a back breaker for a count of 2. Del Rio with headbutts then goes for the super kick but blocked & Kofi hits SOS for a count of 2. Del Rio with a side kick then Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but ADR runs out of the ring but back in. He gets caught with a kick then Kofi goes for spring board move but blocked & Del Rio locks in the Arm Bar for the win.

Winner: Del Rio

We get a Christian highlight video then he does a promo about winning the title but Del Rio interrupts him saying no he won't in Spanish.

The Uso's Defeats The Real Americans

Miz TV with John Cena & Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he glad that HHH is the refree because he stood up to the chairman. Cena says that he thinks HHH will keep order in the match. Cena asks if he has a problem with Bryan but he says there is non because its only for the WWE Title. Bryan tells Miz to shut up or he will punch him in the face. Bryan rants that everyone thinks he can only put up a fight. He says Cena & people like him is the reason he doesn't watch TV. He says Cena isn't in it for the Wrestling. He says Cena is a paradie of Wrestling & Bryan wants to be WWE champion because there is nobody better than Bryan. Cena gets all mad & takes his shirt off but Cena says its all because of the fans. They believe in them & explains what they do. Cena says his fans are loyal & that's why he fights for them. He shoots on the fans who hate him then he explains why he is who he is. He says he has faced the best & done it by holding the WWE Title. He says Bryan doesn't belong in that class. Bryan says he doesn't respect him & he isn't taking the match serious. Bryan says its the biggest match of his life. Bryan says Cena isn't a wrestler & he doesn't deserve it. Cena gets mad then slaps him but Bryan says no & he doesn't deserve it. HHH comes out to stop it. Randy Orton as well to hold up the Briefcase to end the segment. 

Fandango & R Truth have a dance off, Fandango attacks him from behind but Truth fights back & sends him outside the ring. 

Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman have a backstage segment by which Heyman saying im having second thoughts about it. 

#1 Contender for the U.S Title Battle Royal
Ryback eliminates three guys early then it ends up being final three with Ryback, RVD & Mark Henry. Henry eliminates Ryback. When Henry goes for a clothesline RVD ducks down & sends Henry over to the floor. 

Winner: RVD

After the match The Shield comes out but before they attack the Big Show makes his return. The shield retreats.

Heyman gets on the microphone & says WWE Fans took Punk from him but tonight he will do the same to them, He said Brock Lesnar helped him with his plan. Lesnar comes out as Heyman continues. They show a video package of Lesnar destroying Punk. Heyman makes the match 2-1 & gives Punk a options. Punk comes in the ring & hits Lesnar with a camera then follows it up with a suicide dive onto Lesnar. Punk hits him with the steel chair, Punk goes after Heyman but Curtis Axel comes to his rescue but is laid out by punk with the GTS on the stage to end Raw.

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