Welcome to WWE Raw coverage, we are live from Dallas, Texas.

A video package is shown highlighting last night’s WWE TLC PPV.

We come back to the arena and the entire locker room is on the stage while Triple H and Stephanie is in the ring. They have Randy Orton come out with both titles and walks to the ring. Randy says that the fans never believed he could win and bought in to the lie that he was handed everything because he took it. Randy says that he is the most powerful person in the WWE and he is better than everyone else. John Cena says that he is an idiot but yet have a trouble speaking. He says congratulations but he Steve Austin says that it forces the champion to put up or shut up tonight. Orton says that he will not get his rematch tonight but he isn’t talking about him but Daniel Bryan deserves it. Randy says he doesn’t care what people think but Cena keeps hyping it up. Orton says that he doesn’t have to listen to anyone but Stephanie says accept us. They talk it over and make the match in a non-title match for tonight.

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The fans vote for the following team to take on the tag team champions:

Rhode Brothers Vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio
Cody and Rey start things off, a basic 101 wrestling start with a lot of grappling then Rey with a head takeover then a drop kick to send Cody out of the ring. A slide to the floor from Rey (cool move) Back in the ring, Rey goes to the top rope but Cody picks him up in an electric chair move but Rey gets out and Cody nails him with a disaster kick for 2. Cody with a standing suplex then Goldust is taged in and they hit a double team move for a near fall. Goldust works the arm then tags in Cody where he hits an elbow off the top. Rey gets the quick tag to the Big Show and he hits a big clothesline.

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Big Show with a big suplex followed by an elbow for a near fall, the announcers take a selfie during the match yeah that just happened. Cody fights back but shoots off the ropes and Big show kicks him in the face. Big Show stays in control until Big Show comes off the top but Cody moves. And Goldust makes the tag. He clears house but it’s not enough, Big Show with the KO punch and Rey hits a splash for the win.

Winners: Big Show and Rey in 15:00

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Bad News Barrett segment

The “Authority” and Randy Orton segment in the back is shown where he is not happy about his match tonight.

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Fandango Vs. Dolph Ziggler
Fandango with wild punches then a suplex but blocked and Dolph hits a drop kick. On the outside, Fandango catches him with a clothesline then back in the ring. Fandango with a suplex for a near fall, The crowd gets behind Ziggler and he has a second win in his comeback. Dolph rolls him up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Ziggler in 3:22

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Big E. Langston & Mark Henry Vs. Real Americans
Langston and Swagger start things off, Swagger tags in Cesaro then Langston with hits Cesaro with a shoulder block and Cesaro rolls out. Swagger and Henry are in now; Henry breaks a hold and lands an elbow. Henry with right hands in the corner then throws him into the other corner as he keeps throwing up hook em horns, he tags in Langston off a splash and sends Langston into the ribs of Swagger. More quick tags in and out then swagger finally gets the tag but nothing is mounting. They big men are in control but Cesaro tags in Swagger and lands right hands. Swagger shoots off the ropes but runs into a clothesline. A double team shoulder tackle and he tags in Cesaro who runs into a big suplex. Langston clotheslines him out of the ring and the Real Americans regroup. Cesaro gets on the apron but Langston brings him in the hard way. Langston with a suplex but Swagger pulls him out of the ring then bounces Langston head off the announce table.

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Cesaro hits a big suplex on Langston then throws him back in the corner of the Real Americans. He sends Swagger to the floor and a belly to belly to Cesaro. Henry gets the hot tag and clears house. Henry with a head-butt followed by a big suplex for a near fall but broken up by Swagger. Henry hits a shoulder block on Swagger but Cesaro drop kicks Henry followed by a big uppercut. Cesaro goes for the giant swing but Langston breaks it up as he is the legal man and hits the Big ending for the win.

Winners: Langston and Henry in 15:21

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A corny segment with Damien Sandow dressed as Santa Clause and AJ Lee with Tamina as the elves for Raw goes Christmas.

Tons of Funk Vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel and Tensai starts things off, Sweet T throws him in the corner but misses a splash in the corner. Sweet T with a shoulder block but Axel nails a drop kick and some elbow to the back of the head. Ryback comes in with Goldberg chants from the crowd. Ryback with a big power slam for a near fall. Sweet T steps aside and tags in Clay but Brodus moves and doesn’t tag him in. Ryback calls for the end and hits the shell shock for the win.

Winner: Ryback and Axel in 2:21

After the match, Brodus Clay hits two splash on his former partner but Xavier woods and R Truth hits a drop kick on Clay to end the segment. R Truth says that they have not had a lot of to dance about lately so come on in and dance with them.

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CM Punk does a promo before the match, he says that last night he defeated the entire Shield and he knows it’s far from over but it’s not about them but more about the “Authority” is trying to sweep him from under the rug. Punk says that is not good with Authority and calls out Triple H face to face. Triple H doesn’t come out but Shawn Michaels does come out. Punk calls out Triple H again but HBK says that Punk needs to get over his problem with them but really with him. Punk says that he respects him but if he kicks him again he will kick him back. Shawn says that he likes him and honestly it pained him more than it does Punk. Shawn adds that what he is about to do and introduces the Shield.

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CM Punk and The Uso’s Vs. The Shield
Uso and Ambrose starts things off, Uso gets the advantage early on and a big right hand drops him for a near fall. Punk tagged in and works the left arm. He throws him into the corner but misses the clothesline. Rollins tagged in but tripped up and Uso gets the tag. They continue to work the arm then a double team elbow and back to the left arm. Uso with a hair toss then back to the arm and they continue that until Rollins with a rack of the back but is caught with a hip toss by Uso. A stiff right hand then shoots off the ropes but Rollins catches him with a knee to the midsection. They trade right hands then Uso with a clothesline to floor.

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The Shield is in full control with quick in and out tags until the other Uso gets the hot tag and clars house. He hits a mid-air Samoan drop then a right hand. Rollins with a side kick to Uso the tags in Ambrose. Dean with kicks to the midsection then a leg drop followed by a headlock but Uso gets out of it. Uso with a jaw breaker but runs into a back elbow, Ambrose comes off the top rope with a stomp and the Shield stays in control. Rollins goes for a suplex but Uso fights out and hits a cross body off the top then goes for a tag but Reigns with a back suplex. Uso fights out of a headlock and tags in Punk. Cm Punk with a spring board clothesline then clears house. Double knee and neck breakers on Reigns and Rollins. Punk with a suplex but Reigns breaks it up. Reigns with a superman punch but sent to the floor and Uso with a dive onto him. Rollins throws him into the barricade but Punk takes him out. Ambrose goes for a dive but Punk hits him with a forearm and Punk hits a elbow for a near fall. Punk calls for the end and goes for GTS but Reigns tries to spear him. Punk hits GTS on Ambrose and Reigns spears him for the win.

Winners: the Shield in 16:00

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Bray Wyatt does a promo in the back about Daniel Bryan. He says that he now knows what he has to do and that is to put him down.

6 Women Tag Team Match: Natalya and the Bella Twins Vs. AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox
Back and forth until the end of the match comes, Nikki gets super kicked and AJ Lee follows it up with the shinning wizard for the win.

Winners: AJ Lee, Tamina and Alicia Fox

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Randy Orton does a backstage interview about people kissing his ass.

Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan
They tie up, but Orton rolls to the floor, Bryan with a surf board and works the legs. Orton rolls to the floor and regroups. Back in the ring, Orton with several right hands then a suplex. Bryan takes him down then continues to work the left leg of Orton. Bryan wth kicks to the leg in the corner then one to his hamstring. Bryan locks in a half crab but Orton gets to the ropes. Bryan shoots off the ropes but Orton nails a clothesline. Randy targets the arm but Bryan fights back. Bryan goes for a dive to the floor but Orton moves

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Back and forth until Daniel Bryan with his comeback and goes for a head kick but Orton low blows him for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

After the match, John Cena comes down and makes the save. As Cen is checking on Bryan Orton attacks him and then hits an RKO on Cena.

End of Raw.

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