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Taped June 25 in Columbia, South Carolina

[Q1] The show opened with pyro for once. Randy Orton and Kane was hyped by Michael Cole for later in the show. A pinata hung high above the ring in symbolism of “Fiesta Del Rio.”

Sheamus made his entrance for the Dublin Street fight. Beer taps and all things Irish were set up around the ring. A Dublin Street fight in South Carolina? Yes, that works.

Damien Sandow entered and cut a promo on South Carolina. He said after being in town for one day, he wished the state would secede from the country again. He compared the state to a third world country. He called the audience ignoramuses and said that after this match the Dublin Street Fight would be renamed after him.  

1. Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight:Sandow immediately grabbed a green kendo stick and hit Sheamus in the stomach with it. He then clotheslined Sheamus over the top rope to the outside. Sheamus came to and clotheslined Sandow on the mats, then threw him violently into the barricade. Sandow tried to escape, but Sheamus slammed his head into one of the taps set up on the outside, he then proceeded to club Sandow ten times across his chest. 

Sandow tried to flee and Sheamus pursued, Sandow caught Sheamus with a nice missile drop kick on the hard floor. He picked Sheamus up and threw him back first into the beer tap. Sheamus reached underneath the taps and pulled out an obviously empty keg, he heaved it at Sandow. 

While Sandow was recovering, Sheamus looked underneath the ring for something and came up with a brown sack. I was hoping for thumbtacks but inside the sack was (you guessed it) potatoes. He hit Sandow in the sternum with the potatoes and dropped the contents out onto Sandow. He took a bite out of one and spit it at Sandow, then began to carry Sandow back into the ring via the ring steps but Sandow pulled his legs out from underneath and Sheamus took a nasty bump onto the steps... [C] 

[Q2] Sandow was in control of the match back from commercial. He grabbed a chair from outside the ring and wedged it between the ropes. Meanwhile Sheamus got the barstool and hit Sandow squarely in the forehead with it. He then hit the Irish Curse backbreaker for the first two count of the match.

After both rose to their feet Sheamus pushed Sandow into the wedged chair then went for White Noise. Sandow elbowed Sheamus in the head and escaped to the outside. Sheamus followed and hit the rolling senton on the mats outside the ring. This looked great. Sandow grabbed a chair and hit Sheamus with it in the head for a two count. The chair landed partially open and Sandow used a drop toe hold sending Sheamus face first into the chair. He grabbed the kendo stick and hit Sheamus repeatedly with it. The welts show well on Sheamus’s skin.

Sheamus picked up the chair and threw it at Sandow’s head. Sheamus showed rage and grabbed the kendo stick. He then took his turn beating Sandow with it. He set up two chairs in the ring and tried to hit Sandow with White Noise onto the chairs but Sandow escaped. Sheamus pushed him down onto the chairs and hit the Brogue Kick for the pinfall victory.

Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow at 9:56.

Replays were shown of Monday’s match between Orton and Bryan. Cole said Bryan proved he is no longer the weak link. Kane was shown pacing backstage and Daniel Bryan walked in whistling. Kane congratulated Bryan on his match and called it an upset. Bryan took offense to this. Kane said Bryan is stressing him out and asked him to leave. Bryan said he didn’t need Kane’s help on Monday but just in case Kane needs his, he will be out on commentary. He then hugged Kane... 

[Q3] Paul Heyman and Miz were in the ring back from commercial. Miz said he has known Heyman for years and he always has an answer for everything. Miz said that Heyman stated he wanted CM Punk and Brock Lesnar to form a tag team. He questioned against whom?

Heyman said he isn’t on the show to speak about his personal life. Miz brought up Renee Young and asked Heyman to try and bully him the way he bullied her. Heyman said he is just an advocate and put over Miz’s accomplishments, he then deflected the situation and introduced Curtis Axel as someone who CAN bully Miz.

Miz said half of people believe Heyman and the other half think Heyman is lying. He said that isn’t his problem anymore. (Didn’t know it ever was.) Miz turned his attention to Axel and said he is on Miz’s set uninvited. Miz said Heyman is the walking version of Star Wars. He made some jokes about Heyman’s appearance and asked Axel what happens when he no longer fits into Heyman’s picture once he loses the Intercontinental title to the Miz.

Axel said he is very possessive of the title and takes the Miz’s threats very personally. Miz then challenged Axel to a title match right here and now. Heyman interjected and said his clients don’t fight for free. Heyman said Axel didn’t take shortcuts to his prominence like Miz did. He made fun of Miz’s reality show adventure and his cruddy catch phrases. Axel took a cheap shot on Miz and then fled...

The announcers hyped the six man tag match and Fiesta Del Rio

A.J. Lee’s music hit again and out came Kaitlyn dressed as A.J. Kaitlyn said A.J. knew her way around the WWE dating game. She said it had been brought to her attention that Lee had also dated WWE timekeeper Mark Yeaton. She continued by saying Lee had, had some thorough examinations by the ringside doctor Doc Sampson. Kaitlyn then said she had also heard Lee had been involved with Lilian Garcia. Then the match began.

[Q4] 2. Natalya vs. A.J. Lee: Natalya started off with a snapmare into a chinlock. Then Natalya followed with a suplex. Kaitlyn skipped down to ringside and A.J. lost it in the ring screaming. While she was distracted Natalya rolled A.J. up for the victory. 

Natalya defeated A.J. Lee at 1:08.

Post match A.J. argued with the referee, Kaitlyn entered the ring and hit Lee with a spear... [C]

Teddy Long was backstage on the telephone teasing an upcoming major announcement regarding Money in the Bank when Vince McMahon entered. He questioned what Teddy Long had in store for the World Heavyweight title. Teddy said he wanted to do something different. Teddy said he is thinking of the future of the company. Teddy put down Booker T and said it was something he would never do.

He announced the participants: Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Vince loved the idea and corrected Teddy on how to say Fandango’s name...

3. Kane vs. Randy Orton: Kane and Orton traded punches to start the match, Kane gained control with a couple of his patented uppercuts followed by a dropkick for a two count. Orton regained control with a drop toe hold into the corner. Kane then hit a powerslam for another two count. Kane went to the top rope but Orton met him with a punch to the gut.

Orton threw Kane into the ropes but Kane hit his DDT when he came back at Orton. This sent us to commercial... [C]

Kane was in control back from commercial. He had Orton in a nerve lock. Bryan got up on the announcer table and began chanting “YES!” Orton created separation with a backbreaker. Bryan then started a “No” chant. Orton followed up with a Thesz press, Kane recovered and hit a big boot. Orton then hit his own style of a big boot, landing a dropkick and going for the cover. Orton tried to stay offensive but Kane hit a sidewalk slam. He went to the top again but Orton met him and went for the superplex. Kane headbutt Orton who fell off allowing Kane to land his patented clothesline. He then signaled for the chokeslam. Orton countered and hit his powerslam. 

Kane went for the chokeslam again, Orton escaped, went for an RKO, which Kane escaped. Orton ran to the top turnbuckle but Kane hit a huge uppercut knocking Orton to the outside. Kane followed. Orton slid back in ring and hit his DDT on the ropes on Kane. Daniel Bryan said Kane needed his help, he threw Kane back into the ring. When Kane stood up Orton met him with an RKO for the 1-2-3.

Randy Orton defeated Kane at 9:38

[Q6] Daniel Bryan walked up the ramp with a smirk. The announcers questioned Bryan’s smile, Bryan mouthed I was trying to help...

4. Ryback vs. Justin Gabriel: The match started off with punches and kicks being traded. Gabriel hit some kicks on Ryback’s legs but that was all she wrote. Ryback lifted Gabriel and hit Shellshocked for the quick victory. Basic squash match. 

Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel in 1:48.

Chris Jericho’s music hit. He came out with microphone in hand. He made fun of Ryback selling his leg. Jericho said all he has heard is how bad of a man Ryback is. He said he also knows how much Ryback complains. He said Ryback should change his name to Cryback. He then induced a chant from the crowd. He ran to the ring and tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Ryback used his leg strength and escaped...

5. The Uso’s and Christian vs. The Shield: Roman Reigns and Jay Uso tied up to start the match. They both were cleared from the ring and all six members of the match stared each other down to send us to commercial... [C]

Ambrose was in the ring working over Jay in his corner. Quick tags were exchanged as the shield continued to maintain control. Jay used a backdrop onto Reigns and slowly crawled to tag in Christian. He came in hot and hit an uppercut off the top rope and landed a drop toe hold onto Ambrose. He hit a crossbody on Ambrose and almost had the three count. 

Ambrose took control in the corner, Christian hit his round a bout DDT off the top and Roman Reigns entered the fray. The match broke down at this point. An Uso hit a superkick on Reigns then another hit a crossbody. Rollins launched himself from the ring to the outside. Ambrose was going to follow, but Christian met him with a spear for the pinfall.

Christian and The Uso’s defeated The Shield at 8:54.

The Uso’s and Christian were elated while The Shield was really pissed...

[Q8] A mariachi band and Ricardo Rodriguez were in the ring. Rodriguez began his spiel then encouraged the audience to chime in. He imitated a southern drawl then restarted his announcement of Del Rio. 

Del Rio walked out with some pep in his step. Del Rio welcomed everyone to the fiesta. He said tonight we celebrate his victory over Ziggler and his Heavyweight Championship. He said he is a four time champion. He said as champion he will do things his way, not the WWE Universe’s way. He said tonight he will only speak Spanish. A USA chant broke out.

He began speaking Spanish, for awhile. If this is his new thing, expect lots of people changing the channel. He stopped and said enough. This was his celebration and they began to hit the pinata with Ziggler’s face on it. After two swings it broke. He said he bashed in the pinata like he bashed in Ziggler’s brains at Payback just like he will at Money in the Bank. Del Rio encouraged Ziggler to come out.

Ziggler’s music hit and he walked slowly out on stage. He removed his suit and walked towards the ring. He suddenly ran at Del Rio and the two began brawling. They traded offense and Ricardo got sent through the table by Ziggler. Dolph hit the Zig Zag on Del Rio and grabbed a guitar. Del Rio fled through the crowd but left Ricardo in the ring. Dolph hit Rodriguez with the guitar and celebrated with the belt. Balloons fell from the ceiling and Ziggler played guitar with the mariachi band to end the show.    

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