Pre-Show: Fandango Def. Dolph Ziggler

Welcome to the WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view live from Houston, Texas. 

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come to the stage; Stephanie says that tonight is the biggest match is in the WWE in the Main Event. Triple H goes through the history of the belts going back to 1963 and now 50 years later, we find out who really is champion. 

A video of the history of both titles is shown; yes the one you have seen several times in the past weeks.

Handicap Match: CM Punk vs. The Shield
Ambrose and Punk start things off, a nice stare down then into a lock up. Another lock up but Punk keeps getting the advantage so Seth Rollins will try things out. Punk slides out of the ring, and then once Rollins goes out, Punk comes back he attacks Rollins once he gets back. A couple of shoulder tackles in the corner then a neck breaker. Punk with two more for a pin fall, he locks in a face lock but Reigns gets the tag in. Punk with a forearm shot but Reigns picks him up and throws him into the corner. Punk with a big boot and tries to fight out of the corner but runs into a clothesline. Rollins tagged in and with a neck breaker, the Shield stays in control with all three members getting their turn until Reigns tries to spear Punk right in front of the announce table but misses. He goes flying over the table but gets in the ring before he referee gets to the count of ten. Punk with right hands but Reigns throws him to the floor. When Rollins gets tagged in, Punk jumps all over him, Punk goes for GTS but blocked and turns right into a big kick. Reigns appears to have an eye injury as the doctors check on him. Rollins goes for the GTS but blocked and knocks off Ambrose. Punk hits a big side kick for the near fall, Punk with a heel kick then a neck breaker as he makes his comeback. Punk with a knee to the jaw in the corner then a clothesline, Punk comes off the top rope for a cross body but for a 2 count. He locks in the anaconda device but broken up by Ambrose. Dean gets the tag and puts the shoulders to the ribs of Punk in the corner. Ambrose goes for a suplex off the top but head butts him off and hits the elbow drop. He knocks Rollins off the apron and covers him for a count of 2. Punk goes for the GTS but Rollins comes in and he hits it on Rollins then goes for it on Ambrose. Reigns come in the ring and hits the spear on Ambrose. He tosses Reigns out of the ring and covers Ambrose for the win. 

Winner: Punk in 13:09

WWE Divas Title Match: AJ Lee (C) vs. Natalya
A quick roll up from Lee but Natalya catches her with a head lock. Lee with a kick to the midsection then works the wrist; Natalya fights out and lands a suplex for 2. Natalya sends her out of the ring then back in but gets distracted by Tamina Snuka and drop kicked off the apron. Back in the ring Lee locks in a headlock but Natalya fights out. Natalya shoots off the ropes but is heel kicked in the face. Lee gets her into another headlock but rams her into the corner, she runs into a big boot by Lee though. AJ puts her in the corner and “stomps a mud hole” in her, Natalya catches her and goes for a suplex but Lee locks in her submission finisher but Natalya rolls through and nails a drop kick. Lee goes for a kick but clotheslined. Natalya with a suplex followed by another then a sit down suplex. She locks in the Sharpe shooter but Lee rolls throw. Snuka gets on apron but Natalya knocks her down. Lee locks in her submission but Natalya gets out of it. Natalya with a huge clothesline then locks in the Sharpe shooter but Lee rolls her up for the win. 

Winner and still champion: AJ LEE in 7:00

Damien Sandow does a promo before the match saying he will be the next IC Champion. 

Intercontinental Title Match: Big E. Langston (c) Vs. Damien Sandow
They both go for their finishers but both block them, they turn it into a sluge fest in the corner then Langston with a big splash. Langston hits a back body drop but Sandow rolls out of the ring then Langston follows him and Sandow throws him into the ring post and back in the ring. Sandow locks in a headlock but Langston fights out and goes for a suplex but Sandow counters back with a clothesline. Sandow with an elbow drop then a knee drop, Sandow has a headlock in but Langston backs him into the corner then a shoots off the ropes but Sandow connects with a drop kick. Langston shoots off the ropes and catches him with a shoulder tackle; he follows it up with the “Big Ending” for the win. 

Winner and still champion: Langston in 6:30

Vince McMahon is shown in the back shaking hands with Randy Orton. 

They show the segment with The Miz and Kofi Kingston brawling then they announce a match for tonight. 

Four Way Tag Team Title Match: Goldust & Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Real Americans vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio.
Cody and Ryback start things off, Ryback with a knee to the gut then goes for a suplex but Cody catches him with an uppercut and a drop kick. Goldust is tagged in; he hits a knee to the back of the head. Ryback brings him into their corner and tags in Axel who hits a suplex. Goldust with a drop kick then an arm drag, Big Show makes the blind tag and attacks Axel. Big Show works the arm then a big slap to the chest of Axel. Rey is tagged in and lands some right hands but thrown into the corner and a suplex, fall away punches from the top rope and a splash from Ryback. Ryback with several right hands, RyAxel stays in control until they both hit a cross body on each other. Goldust gets in for Rey and with two clotheslines then a spine buster. Ryback with a big kick and goes for a powerbomb but Goldust rolls him up for the elimination. 

Swagger jumps into the ring and is all over Goldust; he sends Goldust out to the floor and nails a clothesline. The Real Americans stays in control until Goldust rolls him up for a near fall. Goldust with a back elbow but Cesaro starts up the giant swing then Swagger catches him and suplex him in a tag team effort. Real Americans back in control but they are soon to be eliminated. 

Rey with a headlock for a near fall on Cody but out of nowhere Cody hits the disaster kick on Rey. Cody goes for cross Rhodes but blocked and Rey hits the 619 on Goldust when he gets involved. Rey is taken out by Cody, Little brother tries to save Goldust but is caught by Big Show, and he tries to send him head first but sends Big Show instead. Cody goes for a spring board move but caught and Rey hits a powerbomb. Rey goes for 619 but blocked and Cody goes for Alabama Slamma but blocked. Back and forth but Cody hits cross Rhodes for the win. 

Winners and still champions: Rhode Brothers in 21:10

Brodus Clay Vs. R Truth
Truth gets the early offense but Clay dominates most of the match and hits a big splash out of the corner. He puts Truth upside down in the corner and rams hip first into him. Tensai and he are arguing, when Clay turns around, Truth hits a heel kick and a roll up for the win. 

Winner: R Truth.

NO DQ Match: The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston
Kingston with a back kick but Miz with right hands, it soon turns into a slug fest. Out on the floor, Kingston with right hands then sends him back in the ring. He sends him back out to the floor and goes for an outside dive but Miz catches him with a forearm. They start brawling on the outside and Kingston drives him hard into the barricade. Kingston goes for trouble in paradise but Miz moves and hits the pole. Back in the ring, Miz continues to target the knee of Kingston. Out of nowhere, Kingston rolls him up for 2, Miz kicks the bad knee as his confidence grows. Miz stays in control, he exposes the turn buckle then goes for the scull crushing finale but blocked. Kingston rolls him up for a near fall, a clothesline by Miz. He hits a big clothesline in the corner followed by a double ax but Kingston hits a drop kick in midair. The crowd chants boring, Kingston goes for the trouble in parades but blocked. Miz goes for scull crushing finale but pushed into the exposed turned buckle and trouble in parades ends this one.

Winner: Kofi in 8:17

Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan vs. the Wyatt Family
Rowan starts things off for the Family; he throws him inot the corner but eats a kick. Rowan answer back with an elbow and tags in Harper. A big uppercut, Bryan with a leg sweep then a surf board. Harper with a big slap and tags in Rowan, The Family with quick in and out tags until makes his minor comeback but shoots off the ropes and is caught for a suplex by Harper. Bray is tagged in and hits a huge slash in the corner. Bray with a suplex with one hand and then does the creepy walking on his hands. The Wyatt Family stays in control (as they crowd chants that was creepy) Bryan comes back when Harper misses a big boot and hung up in the corner. Bryan with a back suplex off the top for a near fall, Bryan with several body kicks and the head kick. He goes to the top and hits the head butt for a near fall as Rowan breaks it up. Bryan with a head kick and Rowan gets trapped between the ropes. Bray is tagged in and quickly rolled up for 2. Bryan hits a suicide dive to the outside on Harper and Rowan. Bryan on the top rope for the drop kick on the Bray, Bryan goes for the Yes lock but Bray blocks and hits his finisher for the win. 

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Unification Title TLC Match: John Cena (c) Vs. Randy Orton (c)
A basic start to this match, Cena goes to the floor and now the weapons are in play. Orton knocks him down and tries to set up the ladder. Cena knocks the ladder into Orton face and brings in a table. He puts it in the corner, Cena goes for the AA but Orton fights out. Randy tries sending him inot the table but sends Orton out of the ring. Randy grabs a chair and swings but Cena blocks. Orton with a chair shot to the back of the WWE champion. Orton uses the chair as a weapon to the ribs of Cena. Randy hits him in the back again with the chair; he goes for a head shot but hits the post instead. Cena nails him a couple times with the chair in the back. Cena goes for a powerbomb but Orton blocks and sends him shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton grabs a ladder and sets it up in the ring, he climbs it but Cena stops him. Cena brings him down then shoots off the ropes but only to eat an drop kick from the Viper” Randy stomps the limbs of Cena, They trade right hands but Orton this a power slam. Cena grabs a ladder and hits Orton with it. Cena climbs the ladder but Orton fends him off and Orton connects with a back suplex. Orton tries to hit him with a ladder but instead hits him with a chair. Cena shoots off the ropes and becomes superman. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but Orton kicks him in the face. Orton sends him head first into a chair set up in the corner. Orton starts to climb and touches the title but Cena throws him off. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle off the ladder. Cena hits him head first that sends him crashing through the table on the outside. Cena climbs the ladder but Orton pushes him off but Cena lands on his feet and Orton hits an RKO! They trade right hands then they brawl on the outside, Cena has the steel steps and hits him with it. Cena grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. Orton hits Cena over the head with a microphone. Orton stomps the head of Cena off the steel steps. Orton sets up the announce table for something, Orton goes for the punk kick but blocked and Cena hits the AA through the announce table. Cena starts to climb the ladder but Orton takes the ladder out from under him. Orton with a chair shot to the back as he hangs from the titles. Orton goes for another chair shot but Cena spears him through a table in the corner. Orton hand cuffs Cena to the ropes and throws the keys into the crowd. Orton gets a huge ladder and brings it into the ring. Cena tries to break the hand cuffs but can’t and Orton climbs the ladder. Cena undid the rope and punches him until he falls. Orton tries to pull him off and hits the table head first. Orton brings down the titles for the win.

Winner and New WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton in 24:45

Vince McMahon and the “Authority” come out to the ring to congratulate Randy to end the PPV. 

Thanks for reading along and will see you tomorrow night for Raw.

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