The year is 1988. Ted DiBiase, repackaged as the "Million Dollar Man" after a long absence, now has a bodyguard (Virgil) and is one of the most jeered wrestlers in the company. His character was so popular, that he was in the WWE Championship picture within a year of his re-debut. However, in order to win the title, he had to get past the virtually unstoppable Hulk Hogan.

 Instead of simply defeating Hogan for the title, DiBiase was bold enough to attempt to buy it off of Hogan. Hogan rejected the offer, and DiBiase was forced to try to win it by legitimately defeating him. 

DiBiase was unsuccessful in winning the title from Hogan, so he decided to align with Andre the Giant. Andre, fresh off a feud with Hogan that lead to the highest attended main event in WrestleMania history, agreed to assist DiBiase in his quest for the WWE Championship. On an episode of The Main Event on February 5, Hulk Hogan defended the title against Andre. The end of the bout drew much controversy, as Hogan was counted down for three despite having his shoulder off the mat. 

Hogan's emphatic protesting of the decision fell on deaf ears, and Andre was awarded the title. Finally, Ted DiBiase had a successful plan, as Andre immediately relinquished his crown as world champion, and handed the belt over to DiBiase. Unfortunately, DiBiase's reign as champion is not recognized, and he never won a singles championship in his near-10 year tenure as the Million Dollar Man. However, despite being only a tag team champion, 

DiBiase had such an impressive run in the WWE that he was inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame. DiBiase will always be remembered as one of the best heels in WWE history. Classic moment. Should Ted DiBiase have won the title at least once? Sound off below. You can watch it at this link

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