Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- WWE officials have been talking about doing a special Monday night TV show later this year where SmackDown would be the first hour, Main Event would be the second hour and RAW would be the third hour. Each hour would have a different look with different announcers. This would be just a one-time special like the old-school RAW.

- Former TNA referee Rudy Charles is now using the name Dan Engler as a referee in WWE NXT.

– Here are the most recent WWE gate and attendance figures for the events in late July:

July 26th in Melbourne, Australia drew 13,500 for $1.2 million
July 26th in Atlanta, Georgia drew 5,500 fans for $200,000
July 27th in Sydney drew 14,000 fans for $1.2 million
July 27th in Macon, Georgia drew 3,000 fans for $100,000
July 28th in Brisbane drew 8,300 fans for $675,000
July 29th in Adelaide drew 6,500 fans for $550,000
July 30th in Perth drew 9,500 fans for $750,000

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