RVA Mag did a piece on WWE’s Daniel Bryan in which he discusses his relationship with Brie Bella, his wrestling now compared to 2006, “The Final Countdown” as his music, and more.

When asked about “Total Divas” and Brie Bella, he said: “So I will be on the show, I think, but it’s strange. It’s reality television, so they film like thousands of hours of footage to do, I don’t how many episodes it is, but forty-four minute episodes. So it would be very easy for them to just cut me out of all of it. So as far as how much you’ll actually see me, I have no idea, but I know the actual focus is on the Divas.

It’s been harder, actually, now that they’ve been filming this reality show because Brie has to go do certain things for the show, you know what I mean? Before Brie came back, I’d be on the road and come back and we’d have our time at home just together just completely by ourselves before I would go back on the road. Now, it’s a little more interesting because she’s on the road sometimes with me, sometimes on a different brand or something like that, but we’ll see each other more on the road and we get less quality alone time at home. So it’s an ever-evolving situation.

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