Former WWE Creative member Court Bauer recently spoke on the The Kings of Sport podcast about racism and homophobia in WWE. Check out the highlights:

On WWE’s racism problem: “Kofi is a great example: He’s a guy that really blew up, and I thought, ‘this guy is going to climb that ladder; it’s going to be automatic,’ and then they just took a detour. You can always say ‘maybe the guy got in trouble in the locker room, maybe something came up with a contract, maybe something came up with his attitude, maybe it was bad booking.’ But you see it across the board. Vince was considering Mark [Henry] being the guy who ended The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania 22. They do certainly hire a lot of African-Americans and they want to hire more Latinos it’s just they aren’t and the guys that they put in those positions—the ratio of success speaks for itself.”

On WWE’s homophobia: “Vince is 70, it doesn’t mean that’s an excuse for anything. He’s got a young daughter in her mid-30s. She has been on Twitter openly supporting gay marriage yet she runs a division a different way where I’ve heard my fair share of homophobic slurs being said about writers and stuff, especially LA writers who tend to be a little bit more dramatic. And they’d be called—’look at this [expletive] queer here.’ He was straight or whatever, didn’t matter, point is that was tolerated in laughter.”

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