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- During a session of JR Q&A he was asked about any interest in TNA & he replied with "No... not at this time. Zero interest. I'm moving onto other things of interest."

- Here is the latest JR Blog from today:

"Interesting to see if WWE can ignite a fire tonight on Monday Night Raw as it relates to motivating PPV buyers to invest in WWE Battleground.  It's tonight or never. 

Seeing the Rhodes Family on Raw interests me. I'm enjoying their personal issue storyline that feels fresh. Let Dream talk....for old time sake. 

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton needs some rocket fuel added to their fire especially on the WWE champion side of the flame. Just one guy's opinion. Their PPV bout has  high expectations. Should be stout...bell to bell.

Awesome  trip w/ 14 friends to Chicago and South Bend this weekend for OU vs Notre Dame. Beautiful campus & classy, friendly fans. So happy my a Sooners finally beat the Irish. Can check that one off the bucket list. 

Sooner fans/players who discount TCU this Saturday & look ahead to OU vs Texas in the Cotton Bowl on Oct 12 are misguided. The Horned Frogs legit concern me.

Texas A&M needs to do whatever is necessary to keep Ciach Kevin Sumlin happy in College Station. Lots of big time programs are going to come courting the Aggie HBC.  Be smart Aggies...write another check. 

The documentary aspect, in particular, of the new HHH DVD is very well done. Definitely worth watching. Excellent job by WWE HOME VIDEO folks. Happy that I made the edit. HHH was one of my WWE favorites. 

Enjoyed spending time w/ the Wounded Warrior softball team Saturday on ND football field. Humbled to be in their presence. 

Got an unwarranted lecture on Twitter regarding my"attitude" toward TNA. When have I ever dissed TNA? Never. I have many, long time friends there and hope their company finds the success that they are seeking. BTW...the wise ass lecturer was blocked. 

Rapidly gaining on 1M Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Follow along...fun ride. 

Resisted watching the Breaking Bad finale as I've never seen the show. Gonna start from scratch. I did enjoy Boardwalk Empire. East Bound & Down was ok & I expect it to get better. Kenny Powers reminds me of a handful of wrestlers aka "The Boys" from back in the day."

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